X Marks the Spot

I finished a quilt.

 A quilt for those who like adventure.

A quilt for those who may have led an accident prone life.

A quilt for anyone who loves treasures and riches.

A quilt for those willing to stand beneath the skull and cross-bones…

and sail the seven seas.



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19 responses to “X Marks the Spot

  1. I love it! Well done!

  2. Great quilt – I’m not brave enough for any of that – shiver me timbers!

  3. Giggled at the peg leg ( but know it would ( wood ) be no laughing matter! )
    I am concerned that the treasure trunk appears empty…to me any way. I tried my rose tinted specs but, no, still empty.

  4. A new favorite! Adorable!

  5. That looks great!

    I hope the lucky recipient enjoys snuggling under that, winter is not far away!

    Not that you’d know of course, being up there in the tropics! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous! Looks like you had a lot of fun, too.

  7. LOVE!
    I adore what you did with the border.

  8. Very nice, very nautical, and awesome quilting!

  9. Fun! I looked closely to see the photo of the person it was quilted for but the boy was not a photo! I love looking at your quilting close up!!

  10. The whole quilt be a treasure, ahaarrr, me hearties, seize it.

  11. Fantastic!!! Love the jigsaw fabric.

  12. It’s wonderful Tracey.

    The world always needs more boy quilts.

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