I’m His Mother

and I am astounded by his talent.

Self-Portrait by Philip.


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12 responses to “I’m His Mother

  1. Wow, fabulous. Like, seriously. Fabulous. So intimate, even with those downcast eyes.

  2. He is truly talented – what is he going to do with such a gift?

  3. Oh that is so well done. Self-portraits are so difficult, and he’s chosen a very challenging angle. Brilliant!

  4. grandma

    He is so, so, so good! He told me that his teacher had taken a photo of him looking down and that was to be how he did the self portrait. To make it even harder (I thought) he intended to do it in pencil, which means, do it perfectly because you can’t “paint over” any mistakes. Well done!

  5. grandad

    He certainly is good. But can he win a ham?

  6. Wow, that really is good!

  7. Wonderful.
    I’ve always admired your Pip.

  8. Fantastic – I too hope he is able to use that creativity daily.

  9. Amazing! Must run in the family. Well done Pip.

  10. wow.. very nicely done.. you have a talented boy there.

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