Ahoy, Me Hearties…

I made a new header.

It goes with a new quilt, but it’s too rainy to have enough light to take a proper photo.

Maybe tomorrow, or the next day…


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10 responses to “Ahoy, Me Hearties…

  1. I love pirates Matey.

    Looks ship-shape to me.

  2. Love love love – I have a bitof a thinkg for pirates..can’t wait to see it !

  3. Ah-Arrrr indeed. Looking good Tracey…

  4. Pieces of eight, pieces of eight.

    (That’s a Swallows and Amazons reference in case you didn’t know, they were mad about pirates too.)

  5. I don’t think one ever outgrows pirates. A little of the rebel inside us all I think. Gorgeous.

  6. The font is so retro! Reminds me of the Brady Bunch font!

  7. Sigh, pirates…yes.

    Give me Capt’n Jack Sparrow any day I say.

  8. LOL! Okay, that was good for a giggle.

  9. Fun fun fun! Have you ever turned on the pirate language on Facebook – hilarious!

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