Quilt for Kirsty

Crikey, I’ve been busy!

Lots of work, lots of quilting, lots of sewing – not much cleaning, not much washing, not much ironing. The balance seems juuuusssst right.

The amazing Kirsty made a beautiful quilt and allowed me to quilt it for her.

Then she said I was in the top ten quilters in the universe.

She knows this to be true because the quilts brought to her by alien quilters are absolute rubbish.


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20 responses to “Quilt for Kirsty

  1. If it weren’t so expensive to ship it, I’d be begging to send my quilts to you too. Blimey, you’re good!

  2. Gorgeous quilt and super funny post. I LOLed. I did.

  3. True, the alien quilters just don’t have the passion !

  4. Great job! You are better than any alien quilt I have ever seen!

  5. modernjax

    FANTASTIC quilting!

  6. That is lovely in a million ways. Good on both of you!

  7. Just beautiful, my compliments (and envy) to both of you for your talents.

  8. Gorgeous — you definitely are right up there.

  9. Gorgeous. I love white backgrounded quilts!!!! And I agree with the others that I would also send my quilts to you for quilting!! Lovely job!

  10. Very nice… of Kirsty to allow you to quilt it for her. Would she be nice enough to allow you to ship it to me?

    It’s gorgeous. You must both be very pleased with it.

  11. Top 10!!! I am insulted on your behalf. I can speak with authority, because I have seen your work here on this blog, that you are NUMBER ONE!!

  12. Oh, and that is gorgeous by the way. I totally agree with Maureen about white background quilts.

  13. Beautiful!!

    Of course it is the quilting that just makes it!!!

  14. Kay

    What a beautiful quilt, and so beautifully quilted! Do you free arm quilt with a domestic machine or do you use a long arm quilting machine thingy??

    I’ve been quilting for not quite a year, and haven’t ventured beyond straight lines……I dream of being able to do this stuff! You are inspiring, truly.

  15. Fabulous quilting and Kirsty I like the fabrics you put together.( they look just right on the white ) What an awesome pair you make!

    There is always a scrabble challenge to be had over here….if you are passing… so keep practising.

  16. Beautiful! What a sweet quilt.

  17. Oooh, that is beautiful! I love sampler quilts.

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