Let Us Eat Cake

Today we celebrated the birthday of Ashleigh’s gentleman caller.

He’s studying to be a vet, so Leoni from Happy cakes made these for us.

They tasted as good as they look.

Happy birthday, Harry.


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16 responses to “Let Us Eat Cake

  1. M

    Oh my, are you the best mother of the girlfriend EVER! You raise the bar WAY too high.

    Amazing little cakes you managed to source.

    That gentleman will be calling for some time methinks.

  2. This is clearly *THE* week for Harrys to have birthdays. Happy birthday to yours from mine.

    ps. laughed at the cupcake dog in the Cone of Shame.

  3. What a cute batch of cakes – “Happy Cakes” very aptly named indeed!

  4. They are amazing and so funny! She must have a great sense of humour as well as talent.

  5. I can’t believe you eat those cakes, they are works of ART, I tells ya.

  6. I just could not bear to eat the dog with the collar either! The poor thing needed dignity! Fun cupcakes!!

  7. Ashleigh is going out with Dr Harry Cooper?

    Happy birthday to him. Hey, how about a pic?

  8. sprucehillfarm

    Just adorable! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

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