An Excerpt

Philip has recently applied for some bursaries to support him in his senior years of high school. One of them required a reference from his school. This is an excerpt from the letter written by his Deputy Principal:

“Philip’s teachers commend him highly because of his maturity, self-motivation, caring attitude, tolerance of others and dedication to hard work. He is a conscientious and capable student who works productively as a member of a team or independently.

Philip is a confident and mature young person who has a good academic record, consistently receiving high levels of academic achievement in his subjects.”

 It made me weep.


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18 responses to “An Excerpt

  1. Well that sure beats…”Could try harder.”

    He sounds like a mighty fine young man.

  2. Hope you are feeling lots better Pip. Be very proud of those comments ! ( you too Mum and Dad )

  3. Better than “Doesn’t know the appropriate time to talk!”

    Be proud, Momma!

  4. So not surprised about those comments on Pip – the lovely young boy is maturing into a fine young man…

    you are growing a gorgeous boy into a good man …

  5. What Mary said… you have raised two beautiful young people. That they are wise beyond their years doesn’t surprise.

  6. Aww! Brains and a lovely temperament – no wonder you’re so proud of him.
    What a good mum you are!

  7. Grandma

    Me too. It is very special that what we can see, notice and love about him is also notice and acknowledged by others.

  8. Congratulations to Pip, you and your Pete.

    I would have wept too.

  9. Good job, Pip, Petey & Tracy!! Good luck on your applications, Pip!!

  10. Oh how nice is that!?

    I used to get “shows strong leadership skills (read: is a control freak) and probably talks a bit too much than is necessary (read: probably talks a bit too much than is necessary).

    No wonder you are proud, you have reason to be!

  11. I feel like I’ve been watching him grow up…and I admire him!

  12. Well I got a bit teary too. What a fine young man you have there. Credit all round. Even if you did make me look inside his ear.

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