These beautiful fabrics arrived in the mail.

This was a highlight in an otherwise crappy day.

Pip woke early with a headache, then spent the entire day vomiting. This boy does not like to do anything the easy way, so by 5pm he was at the doctor’s office with very low blood pressure having an injection to stop the nausea and allow him to rehydrate.

So while I may have been physically cleaning vomit off floors, towels, sheets, clothes and out of buckets, I was designing a new quilt in my mind.

It’s a shame I have to finish the two half done quilts before I can make it…

Even though Pip is still in bed asleep I have been in to check on him once (or twice, or more) and he is much better today. I’m sure he’ll have a monster headache when he wakes up, but it won’t be anything that plenty of fluids can’t fix.


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10 responses to “Yesterday…

  1. Hope Pip makes a speedy recovery! Sick males are no fun at all – my DH has been sick with a virus for nearly 3 weeks. Your new fabric is so cheerful an bright! Perhaps I need to engage in some fabric therapy also:)

  2. Did Pip have a migraine?

  3. Here’s hoping that Pip is feeling much better today! I am already curious for whom this quilt will be made!

  4. Kay

    Lovely fabrics.
    Nasty virus. Hope you don’t end up with it.

  5. I love the fabrics, and sounds like they helped you keep you sane in the midst of all that sick, which is pretty impressive.

  6. How colourful is that fabric!

    Not as colourful as Pip’s vomit though, I expect.

  7. Lovely fabric.

    Tell Pip that this is my fault! I’m soooooo sorry!! J.T. spent all of Saturday night vomitting. Then I sent Suss an email on Sunday…. you know these things are e-transmissable. Stompergirl gave the four of us parvo when she blogged about it!

    Sorry Pip (and Tracey).

  8. Oh the poor love – hope he’s feeling better soon.

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