Beautiful Paper

I received a parcel.

It came to me from Lesley in Western Australia. Some time ago we agreed to a blog swap. If I quilted a quilt for Lesley she was willing to make me a papercut like those of hers that I so admire. Who would refuse an offer like that?!

Today this treasure arrived.

Can you see how stunningly beautiful it is?

Lesley has patiently and skillfully cut around each shape with her supersharp scalpel.

 I especially love the flowers which have fallen to the ground.

Thank you, Lesley. I love it!


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15 responses to “Beautiful Paper

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Lesley is very talented.

  2. That is just beautiful!

  3. It is lovely.

    But I bet the quilt she gets will be just as lovely!

  4. Lovely. One more crafty talent for me to envy… sigh…

  5. I have just started papercutting and seeing beautiful work like this is what inspires me to keep trying – you are very lucky (I am sure she will be too!) 😀

  6. Wow – that is beautiful – you’re right!

  7. Uli

    I know it’s repeating, but I can’t help it, that really is beautiful.

  8. The best kind of paper cut!!

  9. Gasp! I guess that’s all you do when you look at it too: Gasp!. Lovely stuff.

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