These are the times…

that I want to keep forever.

Pip: Hey, mum. Want me to play my guitar for you?

Me: Yep.

So we look on youtube for songs and then google the lyrics.

His hands move furiously across the strings as he  plays along and we both sing.

Today it was this song:

Who knows what he’ll learn next. Whatever it is I hope he plays it for me.


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9 responses to “These are the times…

  1. Oh boy.

    Gemma is having guitar lessons and so far the tunes of AC/DC are being blasted out every day

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Ah, excellent. My hubby *still* does this.

  3. Grandma

    Pippy – my favourite song. Keep it in your play list please.

  4. Isn’t that a lovely thing?!

  5. That is a complicated song, good for him!

  6. I know so many kids who firmly request that their Mothers do NOT sing, so Pip is very special indeed.

  7. That is a lovely little story!

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