Oh Dear!

Santa looks like a jolly old fellow when I see him stitched to my quilt…

but when I drew up the applique shapes to make the pattern..

he looked like the vicitim of a most unfortunate accident!

This is all I can show you of my newest quilt. It is bound and finished. Tomorrow it will be posted to the editor of the Quilters Companion magazine for publication later this year. You’ll have to wait until the edition is available in newsagents before I show you the whole thing.

(Insert wicked laugh here.)


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17 responses to “Oh Dear!

  1. I predict your pattern will be a hit! Nicely done.

  2. I love those boots too. Bit of a glamorous Santa!

  3. I especially love his boots too.

  4. Ho ho ho! I’m trying a new public blogsite! Hopefully g**gle won’t find me there!!

  5. Is this post-modern decontructivist Santa?

  6. I love the background! It is floral, but it actually looks snowflakey!

    Clever girl…

  7. Is Rudolph the prime suspect?

    He looks quite nice in that first photo! I agree with Aunty Evil (big surprise huh?), you are clever!

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