Helping the Elderly

My Pete and Pip have been working on a weekend project.

It required clamping…

and sawing…

and drilling.

All under careful supervision.

Poor old Thomas. He turned 13 last year and is really starting to show his age. His arthritic hips make it difficult for him to get in and out of his bed and we have begun to notice that he is sleeping on the concrete instead.

SO… the boys custom made him a fully carpeted ramp that makes the journey into bed a little easier.

Turns out that the ramp makes a pretty comfortable bed.


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31 responses to “Helping the Elderly

  1. Awesome.

    Old family dogs need lots of TLC, don’t they?

  2. The dog and your boys are so lovely..

  3. Oh, what a kind thought. Old age is tough on doggies!

  4. grandma

    Pip always looks good and your photography always does him justice, but I must comment on the photo of Thomas. It is really really lovely. The old boy looks mighty handsome.

  5. What kind boys you have. I hope Thomas makes it up the ramp.

  6. That’s awesome, whether used as a bed or as a ramp!

  7. A very nice potted history of your recent past. Pip looks fully recovered, hurrah.

    So Australians call bullet points “dot points”, do they? How interesting.

  8. PS I’m Cancer too. Not that I believe in astrology. But it’s nice having a birthday in the summer. Or in your case, winter.

  9. Our girl turns 13 this year — and I’ve been saying we need a ramp for the car for about the last 3 years!

  10. So handy to have an architect and a helper in the family!

  11. How cute is that dog! Trust the pets to make their own rules about things!

  12. That Thomas is one smart fellow! And your men have big hearts.

  13. Oh, what a great thing to bring some comfort to old bones!

  14. How kind and loving. Thomas is so handsome, no wonder he had a wild youth!

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