All is Well

The surgery is over and went as planned. Pip has his hardware to keep.

He spent last night in hospital, but wasn’t allowed out of bed at all due to an oozing wound. (good visual?)

The doctor agreed with my Pete that he should stay one more night, so he’ll be home tomorrow.

There is no medication, the drip had been removed, he was bright and chatty.

Couldn’t have hoped for more…


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32 responses to “All is Well

  1. Fantastic News Tracey,

    I hope the recovery is speedy and straightforward.

  2. Di

    So happy that all is well.

  3. I’m so glad it all went well.
    Do we get to see the cleaned up hardware?

  4. Really glad that all went well – heres hoping for a speedy recovery!

  5. That is great news. I am hoping to see a picture of the hardware.

  6. Glad to hear that the surgery went smoothly! Best wishes to Pip for a speedy recovery:)

  7. Wishing Pip a speedy recovery and a Hug from me for Mom!!

  8. yay for Pip, Can’t wait to see his chunk of metal !

  9. Tell Pip he gets to eat whatever he wants! Ice cream for dinner?? Sure thing!!

  10. Great news! Speedy recovery, Pip.

  11. Uli

    That’s great news. Hope the ooze stops soon.

  12. kirsty

    Excellent.Looking forward to seeing the metal souvenir.

  13. So glad to hear that! I also went back and read why it was necessary – holy crap! I’m so glad this has all worked out so well for your awesome Pip…I can’t even imagine what going thru this was like!

  14. Fantastic news! Send Pip our love and best wishes.

  15. God. An oozing wound.

    I need to lie down…

    (glad that he is ok!)

  16. Ugh. Oozing….

    But glad it’s out and all is well.

  17. Great news! Best wishes to Pip and all of you!

  18. Go Pip! I hope you get well really quickly Pip. Will you show us your treasure ( chest )?

    Best Wishes to you All from NZ.

  19. — and yes, this thing has been a wonder and I am so pleased to hear of Pip’s recovery and am thrilled by this whole process…but, also, how Pip has grown in this time! I marvel and am delighted to see him now, a young man.

  20. I am so, so glad that it is over and you can begin to leave this behind you.

  21. Lovely news. Hope he’s home and recovering very soon.

  22. So glad he’s better!

    Here’s a project for when he gets home … making his own dominos in bulk:

  23. Glad all went well and he is recovery well. can’t wait to see the bar mounted…or incorporated into a quilt!!

  24. I’m glad it went well!

  25. Here I thought you had just gone on an ambling trip. My heart sank as I read the header and then I went to where I had last visited and read forward to ensure I didn’t miss too much.

    I am so glad Pip is doing well.

    I am also relieved (in more ways than one) that Pip hasn’t requested more fart jokes this round around. I passed all my good ones last time. (Wink! That’s just for Pip)!

  26. What a journey it has been. So glad all is well. XX

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