Nil by Mouth

From 6am tomorrow Pip needs to fast.

By 11am we need to be at the hospital.

By early afternoon he will have surgery.

Today we visited the surgeon and were once again reassured by his bedside manner. He tells us that in the past two years Pip’s body has recognised the metal bar in his chest as a foreign object and built a coccoon around it. Tomorrow he will open Pip on each side of his chest, cut through the coccoon, straighten the bar on each side and slide it straight out of his chest.

Pip will stay overnight in hospital, but his recovery should be quick and easy. He will just have an incision each side that needs to heal.

Pip’s only request?

Could he please have the bar afterwards. The doctor has promised to “clean it up a bit” before he brings it to him.

It has played a very big part in his life and he wants to keep it.

Perhaps we should have it mounted…


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15 responses to “Nil by Mouth

  1. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts… big hugs to Pip…although gentle ones given the operation!

    Not sure if I can make Sunday but will do my best …

  2. Ginger

    I hope it all goes ok for Pip.

  3. I’ll be thinking of this funny, warm caring boy whom i have never met. I always smile when your blog opens with his picture !

  4. Oh I will be thinking of you all tomorrow too. I like that he will get to keep the bar. Very cool.

  5. grandma

    He told me tonight that he has to eat and drink at 5 am (really 4 am) but doesn’t plan on getting out of bed. He seems to think food and drink will appear to him in bed, so he can eat and drink, then go back to sleep. Seems a good plan.

  6. All the best to Pip, and to you too. Will be thinking of you all.

  7. Ugh, the description of the procedure makes my insides shudder with horror.

    Good luck to Pip tomorrow!

  8. Wishing that it could all be over but keeping my fingers crossed for you in the meanwhile.

  9. Wishing that it could all be over for you but keeping my fingers crossed in the meanwhile.

  10. It sounds so gruesome – how brave you all are!
    I’ll be thinking of you as I start work here in Perthin the morning – and hope all goes well for you and your lovely boy.

    Love from

  11. I was eating when I started reading this post… but no more. Nil by mouth for me too Pip!

    I hope it goes well! If you’re going to drive all that way… the least they could is to give you a souvenir!

  12. kirsty

    Cool! I’d want to keep the bar, too. I wanted to keep my tonsils when I was 9 but they wouldn’t let me have them. Spoilsports.
    I’m thinking of you all, too. Pip, even without the bar you will still have a magnetic personality.

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