Me: Up ahead we’ll need to turn right.

My Pete: Turn right? Up ahead?

Me: Yep.

My Pete: Is it the real right?

Me: Ummm…. noooo? No, it’s left. It’s the real left.

My Pete: So up ahead we’ll need to turn left?

Me: Yep.

We have successfully navigated over 2500km from our home in Townsville to Canberra, our nation’s capital. We have a week of exploring here. Ashy will join us in a few days. It feels like ages since we saw her!


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16 responses to “Navigating

  1. Priscilla

    LOL, it sounds like you have the same ‘left and right’ system that I do!

  2. He is clearly a patient and wise man.

    I am always surprised by how many grown-ups turn up to my tap classes without a strong grasp of their Left and Right. I make sure we do a lot of work on it in the Kid’s Classes. Of course, map-reading is a whole ‘nother art.

  3. You’re in Canberra already? Wow, you get around!!

  4. grandma

    So glad Pete bought that tom-tom.

  5. Canberra is a wonderful town – my favourite (to my surprise) is the War Memorial.

    See you soon


  6. Sounds like your Pete and you have done this navigation bit before!

  7. Where is Ashy? We’ve been missing on her news! Hope uni is going well!

  8. Well, wherever in the Great Oz you are, I wish you Joy & Good fortune for 2010.XX

  9. dancingwithfrogs

    I hope you all have a great holiday. That’s one heck of a long drive…

  10. My Dave can tell me to turn left while indicating a right turn with his right hand, by which time I’m almost at the intersection/roundabout/traffic lights and yelling at him to make up his mind!
    I thought it was because he is a left-handed mutant weirdo, but obviously he’s not alone!
    I get left and right okay, but north and south can escape me totally … depends on which way I’m looking or holding the map!

  11. candiedfabrics

    LOLOL! That SO sounds like me! Hope you’ve had a wonderful trip – I’m woefully behind in blog reading!

  12. I’m just busy getting over the fact that after 2500km, Pete and you are still talking (nicely) to each other! Hope you’re having a FAB time! A little worried about the return trip…

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