Synchronised Fishing

Not content with the level of difficulty inherent in beach fishing…

Petersen men like to engage in synchronised fishing.

can you pick the left-hander?


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13 responses to “Synchronised Fishing

  1. Did they catch anything? In synch?

    Hey the daily quiz in our Melbourne paper featured the question “in which Australian state would you find Yeppoon, Longreach and Emerald?” and I was racking my brains thinking who do I know who’s just been to Yeppoon? and then it came to me and I got the point. So, you know, thanks.

  2. Perfect mirror images of each other!

  3. That looks heavenly. Except for the fishing part, that is.

  4. So did you have fish for supper?

  5. Yes, I too feel the fishing part would be the drawback. Still, they look happy.

  6. How can you blog while you’re on holidays?

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