Hanging Around

Boxing Day is perfect for just hanging around.

We saw thousands of flying foxes doing just that.

We walked along a rocky shore.

watched a camel train walk by…

and after a busy day of archery and golf we cooled down with a swim…

and a beachside barbeque.

Life is good!


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6 responses to “Hanging Around

  1. Boxing Day was so blissful compared to Christmas Day (which was lovely but just not as lovely as Boxing Day)

  2. I love Boxing Day! It is so rest-filled as opposed to the hustle & bustle of the preceding weeks! Enjoy some down-time in the days ahead too!

  3. Lovely shots there Tracey! Happy Boxing Day to you all.

  4. M

    Yep, boxing day is probably my favourite. I make special “boxing day” salads to go with the leftover ham and turkey.

    Usually we watch the Sydney to Hobart start. Didn’t get to watch them this year due to the rain and us being lazy sods not wanting to wait at Middle Head with our rain gear on.

  5. Yes, our Boxing Day was just like that. Heat and flying foxes everywhere.

    (That was irony.)

    I hope Pip’s operation goes smoothly. What a worry children are – though I’m glad to hear that it’s more straightforward this time.

  6. Yum, that bbq looks nice!!

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