The Next Four Weeks

This morning I took Ashy to the airport.

She is flying 3000 kilometres south to spend Christmas and New Year with her gentleman caller and his family.

The rest of us have a long trip planned too.

Next week we will leave on a very long road trip. We are driving south from Townsville over 2000 kilometres to Sydney making lots of stops on the way to explore and investigate. Ashy will join us along the way and spend time in Sydney too.

The time has come for Philip to have a follow up surgery. For two years the metal bar in his chest has been holding his ribs in place, but now it is time for the bar to be removed and his ribs to hold themselves.

This surgery should be less traumatic than the previous one. We feel a whole lot calmer as we approach it. We have the same doctor as we had last time. We will go to the same hospital and stay at the same motel. Everything is a bit more familiar than it was this time two years ago.

I also plan to visit the zoo and see the new baby elephant and hope to get around to some quilting shops while we are in Sydney.

Sydney bloggers I’d love to have a catch up – a lunch or a dinner. Mary took me to yum cha in the city last time. It was wonderful! Is anyone keen?


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32 responses to “The Next Four Weeks

  1. I’d love to catch up while you’re in Sydney & I know a great place in Chinatown for Yum Cha – let me know where & when & I’ll be there if I’m able

  2. h&b

    Mmm – nice carry-on, Ashy! Tres chic!

    Best to you all & especially the metal-bar-boy…
    Would love to meet some of the Sydney chicks in their fair town 🙂


  3. modernjax

    Hard to believe it has been two years. Let us know if Pip needs some jokes for recovery time! Best wishes!

  4. Think you’re thinking of Marigold?

    Count me in.

    What is it with 2010 and surgery. Good luck on that front.

  5. Two thousand k is a LONG drive, I’m glad you are taking lots of stops. Have fun with those nice Sydney bloggers. And glad to hear that the stress levels are lower with this op, all the best to Pip.

  6. Best wishes to Pip for an easy surgery and speedy recovery! I hope he has some fun times on the trip too.

  7. Hope you all have a wonderful time and special good luck thoughts to Pip.

  8. My that is a long way. I wish you all a safe journey.
    Good luck for your op Philip.
    I will keep you in my thoughts Pip cause even though I haven’t met you in person I know about you and certainly your sense of humour and great attitude to life.
    Season”s Greetings from NZ to your whole family.

  9. Hope all goes well for you all over the next few weeks.

  10. Yes Marigold! I would love to see you there and exchange great big hugs.

    Two years! Two years!!! how crazy is that!

  11. Wishing Pip all the very best and wishing you all safe traveling to Sydney.

  12. Good luck to you and your family Tracey, hope all goes well.

    Lina x

  13. Two years? REALLY? Wow.

    I’m glad you are calmer this time round and have planned a nice trip around the whole event.

    Bon Voyage, Ashy! Hope you have a lovely time.

  14. Goodness. Has it been two years already? It seems like yesterday.

    You will be in my thoughts. I hope the procedure and recovery will go swiftly and smoothly.

  15. Hi Tracey
    I’d love to meet up with you when you’re in Sydney – let me know when and where 0413774841. Not sure if I’ll have computer access for some time, best to text! Gay

  16. Tracey,

    Good Luck to everyone in the family with so much going on, but especially good luck to Philip.

  17. Ditto to everyone who expressed shock at the “two years” thing. I too can’t believe it’s been that long!

    I am here and there over the next few weeks, we are going away for a couple of days then home etc.

    Let me know dates and I will try to hook up with you all!

    Finally, something to make those Melbourne bloggers jealous with all their meetings and fun times!!

    • Just got a Christmas card from you today. Thanks. You are so sweet! Will let everyone know dates once we get ourselves organised.

      • grandma

        Aunty, Pip has blown your cover. He told me after his last surgery that he had met you, and that you were really nice, and not evil at all. Take it up with him – don’t shoot the messenger!

  18. I’d love to catch up with you (though I’m not very young or funky). We are in Melbourne 30/12 to 01/10, but apart from that, if you want to catch up, I’m very available. 🙂

  19. Goodlord! that’s a long drive!!!! and a lorralorra petrol!… Hope all goes well with the operation, and that you all have a lovely time in Sydney! xx

  20. Have a wonderful trip and I do hope the surgery goes well. Best of luck. I hope your Christmas is a good one Tracey xxx

  21. I am joining in the ‘2 years’ crew. I remeber that, you were one of the first blogs I started reading, via Sooz, who was via Joh, a friend. Wow, all the best, good luck and godspeed. x

  22. Thinking of you all as you make your plans for the future.
    Good luck to Pip for the surgery and to Ashleigh for her first Christmas away from home. Good luck also to wonderful Tracey and Pete, as the strings loosen, for being such an inspiration to other parents of teenagers like me who look on and admire your clear sense of direction and the confident young people that you have given to the world.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  23. A very chic bag, which I could not help but notice…(she says sighing) good luck with the surgery and bravo to your tone re the traveling child. Oh, and, Happy Christmas!

  24. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Prayers for Pip, for his surgery!

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