I am so very excited.

Check this out…


The lovley Louise from patternsonly.com is a wonderful supporter of Australian quilt designers. Recently she contacted me very keen to stock and promote my quilting patterns.

Today my quilts have been the feature on her website and her facebook page. I was amazed to see them there because they look so lovely!

It inspires me to get busy and design and make a whole lot more!

I just wish that every day had 28 hours…


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21 responses to “Featured

  1. Well done on the feature Tracey!! It is no surprise though as your patterns are so innovative and fun for kids. I could do with a 28 hour day too:)

  2. That is absolutely fantastic Tracey – congratulations!


  3. Congratulations Tracey!

  4. Congratulations Tracey. You deserve it.

  5. Yay for you! Hope they sell love hotcakes.

  6. Oh! See how I thought “like” and typed “love”? Freudian? Over-affectionate?

  7. Yay from me too! Well done. I love knowing famous people. I do. It makes me feel special.

  8. and why not! Your patterns are unique and fun!

  9. Well done Tracey!Your work is gorgeous….have to go check out this store now!

  10. Fantastic Tracey! But well deserved!! I wish every day had 28 or more hours too! xx

  11. Congratulations! We know you totally deserve the recognition!XX Hugs

  12. Oh that is really wonderful! I’m sure they’ll be really popular. Congratulations!

  13. Uli

    Congratulations – that’s very cool.

    If you find those extra hours in the day, please let me know where they can be located.

  14. Nice! And well-deserved. Your quilts I find fascinating. So much detail, so many new things in each and every one!

  15. Yahoo! You need some press! I’ve been promoting your patterns in discussions with the very few quilters I encounter! Hope this is rewarding breakthrough!

  16. Wonderful news!!! Great that you are getting some well-deserved recognition! Congrats!

  17. That is one incredible cake. WOW!

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