I Got the Power

Tonight I had seven tiny bodices to stitch to seven tiny skirts.

I packed up my gear and headed to stitching. After just one bodice the power went out.


So after two hours of sitting in the dark, solving the problems of the world we all went home.

Now I have six tiny bodices to stitch to six tiny skirts…


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13 responses to “I Got the Power

  1. Sometimes power outages yield the best evenings!

  2. See, blokes would have packed up and come home grumbling or gone to the pub and come home grumbling.

    Girls know how to make the most of a bad situation.

  3. What, you didn’t hand stitch by candlelight then?

  4. Here I was fully anticipating that 1980s hit! I was all rev’ed up for it! I got the power!! I got the power!!

  5. Such sweet patterns – there are going to be some pretty little girls in your immediate future.

  6. Ah, it sounds like things out well anyway. It is always nice to solve the worlds ills with friends! 🙂

  7. Sounds like you had fun anyway.
    Happy stitching.

  8. Such pretty little dresses! Sounds enjoyable despite the power outtage.

  9. Well. You may have six left, but I’m looking forward to reading about world peace, etc, now that you’ve solved the world’s problems. See… give a group of women two hours and we can fix ANYTHING!

  10. Perhaps them upstairs were telling you to take a well earned break .. or perhaps it’s the ghost of your old sewing machine, jealous of your new Viking saviour? xx

  11. Good Luck with getting the little skirts attached!

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