Just Chilling

If you come to my house…

and you decide you’d like to relax…

don’t swing in the hammock


because it’s already taken.


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29 responses to “Just Chilling

  1. Uli

    I hope he wasn’t discovered by someone almost sitting on him…

  2. Oh isn’t he gorgeous!

    Or he would be marinated in garlic butter.

    Oh ok, OK! Just kidding…

  3. I would leap a mile into the air if I lay down on that little fella..

  4. Oh yeah, we call this CHILLAXIN’!

  5. In our garden the frogs take over old seed trays with puddles of water for laying their spawn, and then the baby frogs leap out at you when you walk across the lawn in spring. They’re not as vibrantly pretty as yours though!

  6. He certainly knows where to find the bestest place to chill!

  7. He looks really comfy. Maybe I should be a frog. No worries, just hanging there…

  8. Strangely, I have never aspired to cuddling up with a frog.

  9. So lovely. From a distance.

  10. Oh yes, cute. I wonder if he is related to the guy who was hopping around under my dining room table last week?

  11. I would probably jump and squeak if I hopped into your hammock with Kermit there. I don’t have anything against frogs mind, just I’m the jump-and-squeak type when it comes to small living things in unexpected places.

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