A Special Quilt

has been my recent focus.

The binding has been hand-stitched…


to finish it off.


The details are beautiful…


and I hope it brings the gift of memory to its owner.


It will be in your hands very soon, Sheye.



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20 responses to “A Special Quilt

  1. oh, it looks like so very special clothes went into making that quilt, so many beautiful details, a great memory keeper!

  2. You are very talented Tracey. What a special quilt you have made…

  3. Nobody else but you could do justice to such a special quilt. Your beautiful hands would have stitched every stitch with great care and love.

  4. That looks tantalisingly gorgeous!

  5. Do I see pleats in the quilt? FABULOUS!

  6. What a wonderful idea! I have some hand-made dresses that I bought for K & N that I just can’t give away; they may someday find themselves in quilts too?

  7. Siobhan

    It looks lovely & oh, so special – I do hope we get to see all of it. Beautiful

  8. grandma

    It brings a tear to my eye – just the thought – and I haven’t seen it yet. It is special in a way that shows love in each stitch, and memory in each fabric piece.

  9. Like Grandma, I have a tear in my eye. You have given a gift of love and care and it is beyond beautiful… right into beauty full.

  10. What a privilege to be asked to make such a precious quilt. I am absolutely confident that your quilt will be a wonderful source of joyful memories and will enfold who ever uses it with love.

  11. So beautiful Tracey. You are clever and wonderful.

  12. Those are some seriously lovely quilty details – now please can you stop torturing us and show us the whole thing!!!

  13. It’s gorgeous and a fabulous idea… You have sowed a seed for me too, thank you.

  14. What scrumptious colours! And what a lovely thing to do….

  15. Marty

    Hello dear!

    I love the quilt it is so beautiful. I’m working on a memory quilt for a dear childhood friend of mine. Hand stiching the entire thing. It’s taken quite the toll on my poor fingertips! Can’t wait to see the entire quilt:]

  16. I pop in here from time to time from Alice C’s blog–but not in so long. Lovely to see this post! I just finished up one of my own from my baby girl’s (now 14 months) o-6 month clothes. It made me cry when I finished it. I could not tackle hand stitching the binding, so I machine stitched the binding to the back first and then finished the front with a zig zag. I still need to learn a but better how to tackle mitered corners. This is lovely!

  17. oops, my blog is underashadytreeyouandme.blogspot.com

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