Do You Know Lovely Lisa?

I do and she is lovely.

A little while ago I made quilt. When I had finished I decided which fabric I would use for the binding only to discover that I had none left.

I looked on the internet, but couldn’t find it anywhere. It seemed that it was no longer available.


I went to visit Lisa’s beautiful blog and discovered that she was using the exact fabric in extraordinarily crafty ways.

When I asked her where she had bought it she went right out and bought some for me. She bought it just for me

Look how beautifully she presented it.


Lisa is so lovely (and a bit naughty) because when I opened my parcel I found more than just this piece of fabric.


Inside the little package was more beautiful fabric. Lisa may, in fact, be a mind reader because I have been looking with love at these fabrics for quite some time!


Thank you so very much, Lisa. You are incredibly generous and thoughtful. Keep an eye on your letter box. Something special is on its way to you.

Before I go, Lesley asked me to show a photo of the whole musk stick quilt.

Here it is, as requested…



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45 responses to “Do You Know Lovely Lisa?

  1. The answer is “no”. I don’t know her, but after reading your post I have to agree she is lovely.

    As is the musk stick quilt!

  2. Lovely fabric, lovely quilt, lovely thoughts!

  3. A friend who buys you fabric? fantastic! 🙂

    The quilt is coming out great. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Happy sewing……

  4. What a wonderful and generous gift to receive – that fabric is gorgeous! Your Quilt is similarly gorgeous, really, really beautiful – as a very new quilter I feel the mountain I have to climb is as big as Everest! (but I am starting that journey one step at a time) Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙂

  5. Ooh lucky you! I have fabric envy!
    Thanks for introducing Lisa too – did you see those wonderful little boxes?

  6. Oh you lucky lucky thing and what kindness. Those fabrics ARE beautiful, but then, so is that little quilt!

  7. Lots of yummy goodness over there in FNQ!
    The quilt is divine — bet your Pete’s pleased as punch.

  8. How come all Lisa’s I know (be it Lisa/Leisa/Leesa) are all lovely. Your parcel giving Lisa is no exception.

  9. How very nice. Aren’t bloggers lovely people?

  10. What lovely fabrics! And such a nice gesture.

  11. Oh Yeah – I just knew which Lisa you must have been talking about – fabulous!

  12. Hi Tracey – it was a real pleasure to help out a fellow quilter in need!

  13. You lucky devil! Gorgeous quilt too! Lots of lucky devils! xxx

  14. Internetty friends are just the best!!

  15. I’m with Melody, I only know lovely Lisa’s too. But whoa, is she really (telepathically) lovely!

  16. I didn’t. But NOW I do. Boy is she lovely! And has such lovely tastes too!

  17. sprucehillfarm

    Very pretty I love packages!

    I have been very neglectful to my blog friends. Good to be back!

  18. Luscious fabric….What a nice friend Lisa is! But quilters tend to be that way!

    What are musk sticks??

  19. how lovely! parcels in the post are always a lovely suprise

  20. Yes, I know lovely Lisa 🙂 We live in the same state and have crafty catch ups together. She is such a beautiful, generous and creative woman.
    Love your Blog!
    Janelle xx

  21. Suzitee

    I HAVE been lucky enough to meet the lovely Lisa, and can assure you she is just as lovely in real life 🙂 not to mention the inspiration overload every time I visit her blog! That Farmers Market fabric is also one of my favourites…am using it in a quilt at the moment.

    Happy crafting xxx

  22. love the musk stick quilt!

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