Musk Sticks

(are yummy!)

Someone at my Pete’s work had a baby this week. A baby girl. My Pete, who rarely asks anything of me, asked me to make her a quilt.

So I went to Kirsty’s shop to find some beautifully girly fabric and used it to make some beautifully girly flower appliques.


When I finished I thought how much these lolly-like colours reminded me of musk sticks.

As luck would have it I live very close to a shop which sells musk sticks…


so I bought some. Just for this photo shoot, you understand.

Then, because I abhor waste…


I ate them all up!


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36 responses to “Musk Sticks

  1. Oh I love musk sticks….. and pretty quilts but right now mostly musk sticks…

  2. Ate them? I would have inhaled them!!!!

    Gorgeous quilt …

  3. Musk sticks somehow belong in the “I shouldn’t like them, but I strangely do” category along with their kindred cousins, little pink musk “Smokers” candy – at least that’s what they were called in New Zealand. I daresay they travel under a different title these days.

  4. Oooo lovely. The quilt AND the musk sticks.

  5. Gorgeous flowery pinky quilt!
    I love the occasional musk stick too.

  6. PS: Will you show us the whole quilt when it’s done? Please?

  7. Uli

    Musk sticks were my favourite lolly as a kid. Haven’t had them in years! Quilt looks lovely.

  8. Musk sticks? you eat them? I thought they were something perfumy!! LOVELY Quilt. Lucky baby! xxx

  9. Yum – on both counts 😉

  10. M

    LOVE musk sticks! And FAGs (although they are called FADs now…)

  11. Oh, I will look for musk sticks at our local import store! The applique is gorgeous, as usual!

  12. That quilt and those musk sticks DO look like the best of friends – but you ate them! Sadness|! Oh the little quilt, just beautiful.

  13. The sacrifices we make for our art!

  14. Great Quilt – love musk sticks too – though I don’t recall them being as sickly sweet as they are now …. or is that just my aging taste buds and memory?

  15. Waste not, want not. I agree. Even though I don’t like musk sticks I love your baby quilt.

  16. Why is everyone tempting me with candy this evening?! I haven’t ever had musk sticks so will have to encourage my lil sister to stock up when she heads to Australia at the end of Oct!

  17. You really know how to attract crafty types like bees to honey: MUSK STICKS! OK, or the odd Tim Tam.

    PS. I too would have leap at a craft-related request issued from the Mr’s mouth. Right after a good whiff of smelling salts to get me back on my feet.

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