Old School

I still find myself so lonely without a sewing machine.

So I’ve had to indulge myself with some old school hand stitching.


It’s a very good use of my time.


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30 responses to “Old School

  1. Everyone is doing this redwork and I ADORE it! How do you do it!?! How do you get that transfer onto the material? What material do you use? Questions! So many questions!

  2. melcannady

    It looks cathartic. Very relaxing. Very lovely, too!

  3. Serenity inducing……

  4. You’re a better person than me. I think I’d rather pull every hair out of my head one at a time than hand sew.

  5. Old skool is still kool…oh dear am I showing my age!

  6. You look mighty skilled at that hand-stiching…wanna come sew on a gazillion Cash’s name tapes onto uniforms for me??

    No, didn’t think so.

  7. Oooh, I love giraffes – what are you making?

  8. Hope your machine comes home soon if you are feeling lonely but your hand stitched giraffe is ace, and I found hand-stitching quite meditative and relaxing when I tried it last month.

  9. Although that does look very nice, I can sense a desperation about your post.

    Time for me to send that basket of ironing to you I think.

    You will thank me for it, I am sure.

  10. My machine has gone away too. It’s lonely without it 😦

  11. Uli

    Nice, and I’m sure more relaxing than the machine. But then again, sewing machines hate me, so it might be that talking.

  12. I am feeling your loneliness! But Mr(s) Giraffe looks like good compamy. xx

  13. I know I have said it a million times before – but you are just too clever, you know that?

  14. Hope your machine returns home soon! Glad you have found a substiture while it is gone.

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