Cherry Lovin’

I have been looking for my quilting mojo. It seems hard to find at the moment, so I decided to just go ahead and make a quilt without it. Maybe it will find me in the process.


It started with a cherry and became a heart.

I like it a lot.


Unfortunately it causes my mind to drift off to that song of the early 90s. You know – a band with big hair, small pants comparing their true love to a cherry pie. A song my son plays on guitar hero far too often.

I looked for another cherry song as an antidote, but only found frozen strawberries.

It helps…


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16 responses to “Cherry Lovin’

  1. Sweet cherries! The mojo is back despite the 1990s song!

  2. Wow! If that is what lack of mojo looks like, bring it on, I say!

  3. That is gorgeous, mojo or not!

  4. oooh love those cherries! Hope they inspired your mojo back again. xx

  5. Gorgeous cherries – looks like the mojo is back!

  6. Divine… as usual. I love both those songs… the one about pies and the one about frozen strawberries.

  7. I like it. You use colors and fabrics I wouldn’t be comfortable with, and you make them look great. It’s eye-opening.

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