Holiday List

Me to Pip: So, do you have plans for these holidays? Anything you’d like to do?

Pip: Well, I’ll be quite busy, actually.

First I have to get my hunter to a level 80*.  I’m going to need to complete quite a few quests to get all the gold I need for that.

I need to complete my art book. That will take a while. The drawings are quite detailed.

I have to buy Guitar Hero 5. It just came out. I’d like to have most songs at expert level before I go back to school.

I also have a song to pracitse on my guitar. The whole band is practising it so we’ll know it for our first rehearsal after the holidays.


For one brief second, after hearing that list, I imagined that I would like to be a teenaged boy. Then I remembered how they all smell after a day at school and changed my mind.

This is the song he has been practising. He sounds pretty good – especially when I accompany him on vocals. He won’t let me join the band though. I’ve asked, he tactfully refused me…

* A reference to his character on world of warcraft.


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28 responses to “Holiday List

  1. h&b

    I like a man with goals. He’s got it all sorted.

  2. mjsputtering

    He is in a world far away from mine and I’m not just meaning geographically. I’ve never been exposed to the Guitar Hero thing (altho I have heard of it!) and I have no idea what the Hunter reference is to but I presume it’s a video game?! Perhaps that is passee too?!

  3. Uli

    I like the balance between the online and the real world. Guitar hero and guitar. Warcraft and Art. Not to mention the goals!

  4. That lad certainly has his priorities sorted out! How lovely to be young… though like you I don’t think I would want to be that age again.

  5. Lucky he saved his “mouse” pennies to spend on Guitar Hero!

  6. He’s going to be busy …

  7. I’m exhausted just reading that list!

  8. At least he has an idea on what he’d like to do…

  9. …ohh and if he can sing like Liam I’m there!

  10. Nice list! Artistic AND organized! Could a mother ask for more?

  11. Funmny that! I’m not allowed to join the band either .. or be a facebook friend for that matter. 😦 x

  12. Busy, busy, busy – then there is the essential time for sleeping and chilling and eating.

    No wonder there is no time for tidying rooms etc, etc, etc

  13. Blimey! Will he have any time left for sleeping in, drinking milo and going for bike rides? I don’t think so. He’ll have to go back to school for a rest.

    • His whole diet is based around chocolate dairy products, so that won’t be missed ever, He has only seen 10am twice, because I woke him up. he rode his bike with his mates on a 25km round trip last week. PHEW-EE they smelt bad upon return.

  14. No, I definitely want to be a teenager. I’d settle for being a girl.

    Am reading several posts at once, catching up, and would like to know if I could borrow your Pete for a few weekends. I have some hacking down to be done in my garden and my son (also Pete(r)) has gone, leaving my husband as the only available handyman and he isn’t really a hacker.

  15. My 15 year old son has similar ambitions for his warcraft character this holidays! Fortunately he starts a part time job today so that will keep him busy.
    Shame your son won’t let you join the band! Sounds like fun.

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