So Big and So Strong

My nephew Joseph is getting so big that he can write his name!


And he is getting so strong that if you say, “Hey Jojo. Show me your muscles.” he’ll show you this…


So I say it a lot.

I love to see his muscles.


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13 responses to “So Big and So Strong

  1. I’d be saying “hey Jojo, show me your smile” because I’d be wanting to see that as many times a day as I could. How gorgeous he is!

  2. He is so lovely! What a happy child he is. He is the anti-dementor… instilling you with happiness instead of sucking it out.

  3. sprucehillfarm

    He is so cute!

  4. grandma

    My biggest laugh this week was Jo-Jo wearing an old pair of ladies’ white gloves (with embroidered cuffs) sticking out his thumb and saying, “Bewdy, mate.” He is just such an Australian boy, who went to the V8 race, talks cars and earth moving equipment and makes us smile all the time.

  5. What a wonderful Strong Man!

  6. I would also be asking to see those big strong muscles. Often. He is very cute.

  7. Betty

    How adorable is that? Muscles at his age…wait ’til he’s older…another “Ahnold”?

  8. Honestly – is he the cutest little Strong man in the whole of Australia – or is it just my imagination?

  9. Arnie eat your heart out!

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