Chop n chop

For the past five weeks my Pete has spent every weekend in the backyard hand-chopping an enormous tree down.

We could get a treelopper, but he does not pay money for something he could do himself, thank you!


He has climbed metres into the air to chop down one branch at a time.


Then he has chopped each huge branch into smaller pieces and put it all into the trailer before taking it to the refuse dump.

He has made at least fifteen trips to the dump in the past five weeks.

Now all he has left is a trunk…


No matter how much he chops and chops and chops…


It just won’t fall down.

It won’t let go of its grip on the ground.

Want to know how much longer my Pete will persist?

Every single weekend until it is gone.

Luckily I have nothing planned…


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31 responses to “Chop n chop

  1. What a man!

    When he’s done with that ginormous tree, would he like to come and remove one from my car?

  2. Why the hell didn’t he use a chain saw?

    He’s a bloody show off, that’s why! 🙂

    Hope that dastardly trunk disappears from your sight soon!

  3. That tree trunks days are numbered! he is a man on a mission.

  4. I admire his tenacity. And his pants.

  5. candiedfabrics

    Whoa, get that man a chain saw – sorry you don’t live closer, you could borrow ours!

  6. Hard yakka!
    And it must be so satisfying to have done it all by hand, log-chop fashion.

  7. Now THAT is determination! Man vs. Tree. Very primal. Might I say he has excellent fashion sense? Those are excellent tree-chopping pants.

  8. Tess

    Wow! Where do I get one of those working “peters” from? My husband won’t even mow the lawn!!!!!!!

  9. He a he-man on a mission!

  10. Man on a mission alright. And how brave is he to do such a thing? Braver than I. And how lovely does FNQ look at this time of year. Perfect. With or without your backyard tree…

  11. Yep – a man on a mission. HE certainly doesn’t look like the type of man who would chop into a pool hose.. ahem.

    What a good man, PP. And pretty dedicated to task!

  12. Given the lack of a chain-saw, perhaps an old fashined hand saw might be quicker than a chopper?

  13. Tell Petey that the project goes a lot quicker if you aren’t caught by a camera holding up a shed with your arm on your hip!

  14. kirsty

    Pete the Persistent, Wearer of Plaid Pants.

  15. He is making sure the Job is Done Properly. Good for him. I’ve got one of those men too.

  16. See, this Pete of yours, is worth his weight in lumberjack gold! (Just make sure he doesn’t end up on Funniest Home Videos or anything)…

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