Feeling Peaceful

The last two weeks have been lived in this household at a frantic pace. Jobs to do, plans to make, people to see. It has been an absolute roundabout in and out of the front door.

Philip has had to select his subjects for year 11 and 12. This involved meetings and interviews – no longer do you just tick a box to make your selections. Reference manuals of university offerings must be consulted, year 10  teachers have input and the whole family has to sign on the dotted line before his selections are accepted. Overall he is very pleased with his decisions and I am pleased that he will continue to study visual arts.

I have applied for a new job. This has meant writing to selection criteria, another involved process. I was short-listed and last week interviewed for the job. It was a teleconference interview, which is a bizarre experience. I sat alone in a conference room talking animatedly and knowledgably to people I could not see. After fifteen minutes of uninterrupted blather from me I asked if the three unseen interviewers required any further information or clarification, only to be told that they had everything they needed.

Amongst these main events the rest of our busy lives has continued without abate.


Is it any wonder that I find myself creating peace doves.


I’d like a little peace…


and quiet…


These cushions are available for purchase and have been added to my website.


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40 responses to “Feeling Peaceful

  1. Well, I hope the odd scrabble victory gives you a little comfort in your hectic week!
    Love the peace dove.

  2. The cushions are lovely!

    Good luck with the job. Being told “thank you, we have enough info now” is daunting, you don’t know whether you said too little, or too much!

    You should have held up some of your fantastic quilting work. Oh I know the job probably has nothing to do with quilting, but when they say how good you are at that, they couldn’t help but know you would be brilliant at whatever you choose to do!

    I’d hire ya.

  3. So lots of energy in your household at the moment! I hope you do manage to find a few minutes of quiet – the doves are really lovely.

  4. Lovely birds. Very sweet. Will there be a ladybug cushion for sale anytime soon?

  5. Good luck to you with your job application. Whatever the outcome it is always a good thing to have stopped and thought about your skills and achievements and what you want to do in the future. You can’t make dreams happen if you don’t give yourself time to imagine them in the first place.

  6. Ahhh….I’m glad your feeling peaceful; I wish I was. So much going on, my mind is everywhere, but your doves represent the peace I need to find…

  7. M

    Good luck with the job app!

    I was interviewed by video-conference between Aust and France on a dodgy connection with French speakers whose English was Dodgy and me, an English speaker whose French was extremely dodgy.

    It’s an odd way to interview. Welcome to the 21st century.

  8. Beautiful Dove pillows. Just looking at them makes me feel peaceful! Fingers crossed for the outcome of your interview….

  9. Good luck with the job application! How exciting… starting something new. I remember year 11 as being extremely busy! SAT’s, university applications, elective course decisions… Good luck Pip too! I’m a firm believer in following what you LOVE to do…. you really can’t go wrong with that.

    I could use a peace dove too.

  10. Hi Tracey!

    Good luck for that job! I could do with a dove or two round here too!! xx

  11. Good luck with the job! The doves are beautiful!

  12. That sounds like a strange interview….they hear you but don’t really see the person. I hope you get the job, if you really want it. Guess you do or you wouldn’t have applied.

    Go Pip! If you like it you will do it well.

  13. Lovely!

    The teleconference interview sounds like a tiny sliver of hell.

  14. mjsputtering

    Good luck on the job-front! I like the doves, particularly the appliqued one! I agree with Rhubarb to let us know if more ladybugs become available. They are my hallmark bug…

  15. Good luck with the job! The video interview sounds absolutely scarifying but I’m sure you were great. The doves are lovely.

    As for the Year 11 and 12 subject picking, that sounds very bureaucratic and slightly frightening, it’s like: Don’t muck it up, get the subjects RIGHT or his life will be ruined. The responsibility would kill me! Is he continuing with art? I hope so. x

  16. Happy Doves! Good Luck with job!

  17. dancingwithfrogs

    Ha! The good old 11 and 12 selections…

    In our house it’s been university courses.Now THAT”S a scary thing on quite a few levels!

  18. The good thing about teleconference interviews is that the interviewers can’t see you roll your eyes heavenward at some of their questions..haha. Good luck with the job…I have my fingers crossed for you!

  19. My Float

    Sounds like the interview went well. Fingers crossed!
    Those cushions are divine. How beautiful for little girls.
    Year 11 and 12?? And here I was thinking that kindy was difficult. Sigh….

  20. Good luck Tracey!!! Fingers crossed!

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