Monthly Archives: August 2009

Problem Solver

The dog needed a bath. My Pete searched high and low but the dog shampoo could not be found. It’s not in the laundry, it’s not in the shed. It must have run out.

My Pete does not delay a job because of a problem like that. He is a problem solver.

I looked out the back to discover that he was bathing the dog any way.


“Did you find the dog shampoo?” I called.

Apparently he didn’t, but he did find some other shampoo which was only half empty… in Ashy’s bathroom.


Do you see it next to the chair there? Ashy’s shampoo and conditioner.

As soon as my Pete’s back was turned…


the dog shook it off…


and rolled in something smelly.


No dog wants to smell like a teenaged girl, no matter how silky their tresses may be.


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