Winners Announced…


That little box up there tells me that the 26th commenter was the winner of the little ladybeetle cushion. That is you, Bronwyn. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story, it was an absolute delight! I just loved it. The next time I make a ladybeetle cushion it will surely include a rocket.

Can you please email me your postal address? (my email adress is in the sidebar – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – >)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win I’m very sorry, but I hope you will use the pattern to make your own. Let’s have ladybeetles on little cushions every where!

Here’s another gift for you all. My current most favourite song. Play it loud, it’s no good on a low volume…

To the resident of Evil Manour… you’d best send me your postal address too. I won’t tell you why except to say that it will be worthwhile. No doubt that will drive you insane. Mwoo hahahaha… (that was MY evil laugh).


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9 responses to “Winners Announced…

  1. mjsputtering

    I’m picturing you meandering to this tune on your sewing machine! LOL! Perhaps it would improve my quilting methods too?

  2. I am rocking along to this song too! Thanks so much for loving my daughter’s story – she was very proud of it too!

  3. Love that song! And the video. Awesummmmm.

  4. Congratulations Bronwyn! Oh Aunty E! Lucky you… I hope it’s not laundry you’re getting…

  5. Thankyou for the video !! The only trouble is that now I want to hunt out all my black , white and red stuff and start something new . First WIPS … after I’ve watched the video again .

  6. Ooh ooh! How exciting! I hope Melinda is wrong like usual…

    I’ll dig out your email address and send you mine asap!

    Ooh ooh! (imagine flapping hands, I am very excited!)

  7. I just received my lovely pincushion! Thanks so much – I haven’t put it on my blog yet – waiting for my daughter’s story to come back – she was really pleased that her story inspired you so!

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