Progressing Nicely

The quilt for Suse has now been quilted with feathers and swirls and is awaiting binding.


As always in my head, where time doesn’t actually exist and I never have to vacuum or prepare dinner, I’ll be finished by tomorrow. In real life, however, it will probably take me another week.

Not long now, Suse.


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28 responses to “Progressing Nicely

  1. She is going to LOVE that. Just fabulous, that’s what.

  2. A lovely quilt made just for me would hit the spot right now! Lucky Suse!

  3. Looking SO good! I hope we can see the full version once it is gifted? Pretty Please.

  4. Oh my god it’s just stunning!

    Well, that corner of it is.

    Did I tell you I unravelled half your shawl last night? I did. Sigh.

  5. Its looking gorgeous! Isn’t real life a drag!

  6. Hey! Did you receive my basket of ironing? I want my swap quilt!

  7. I am much faster in my head than in real life as well – it can be very frustrating !

  8. Isn’t the anticipation and the sneak peeking almost, ALMOST, as good as the gift? I love getting glimpses of this!

  9. …in my head, where time doesn’t actually exist…

    you have just explained the problem that I have had all my life.
    Thank you!

  10. That’s just lovely! I know your sister will appreciate it!

  11. This looks just sumptuous – I love the detail. It’s great to catch up on your doings. Those Star Trek cupcakes really made me smile x

  12. M

    That is a quilt worth waiting for.

  13. A scarf is worth waiting for too.

  14. Looks fab – yeah a fast mind is very tiring …

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