To Boldly Go…

I don’t mean to talk it up too much, but…

I may just be the best wife ever.

One dozen Star Trek cupcakes to celebrate my Pete’s birthday tomorrow…


Happy birthday, my darling. Live long and prosper.


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21 responses to “To Boldly Go…

  1. You are definitely a keeper! tell him I said that!! Very cool cupcakes.

  2. omg how cool are they!!

    Ya know though… since they’re going to be eaten, they probably should be red hehehe

    Happy birthday to Pete đŸ˜€

  3. Now I am just feeling like a really bad wife. It is CK’s birthday tomorrow as well and I haven’t made him a cake at all yet. Hope Pete has a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Pete.

    And yep – I reckon that definitely qualifies you as the best wife ever!

  5. Oh, awesome!

    Happy birthday to your Pete!

  6. You totally stole my line!! I was going to say “live, long, and prosper!” Dammit.

    Huffily wishing your Pete a very Happy Birthday. Tell him you stole that from me, or um, Spock.

  7. Wow ! Classy cup cakes. Happy Birthday Pete. ( well done that woman! )

  8. Oh can I come!!!! I have a costume!!! … no only kidding but I love those cakes!

  9. haha, the man in my life would also love these. Quite possibly you are the best wife ever!

  10. Amazing icing! I’m mightily impressed!

  11. How good are you!? MDH would love those as well, but he isn’t getting them, so that definitely qualifies you as the best wife.

    Out of the two of us, anyway.

  12. Cool cupcakes! Love them! I like the sparkley silvery on them.

    Happy Birthday, Pete!

    P.S. I think July is the BEST birthday month EVER! My birthday is Tuesday the 28th! Woot! :o)

  13. Happy Birthday to Your Sweet Pete!
    Lucky man, you and cupcakes!

  14. Jan Scally

    Hello Tracey;Just wanting to let you know your Pc Quilter is going like a dream at the moment have quilted 51 quilts so far no problems,have not tried freehand yet,I think I know every nut and bolt on it not afraid to pull it apart.I think I am better sorting it out myself and am very happy with it.
    Jan Scally
    Collie West Aust

  15. Unrool cakes for a deserving birthday boy. Please wish him many happy returns from all us at Chez Stomper. Is it Startrekky to say “Make It So”?

  16. Happy Birthday to Your Pete!!! Yep you take the cake as the best wife ever!!! can I give my husband your number?

  17. sprucehillfarm

    Very cute cupcakes! I hope he had a great birthday!

  18. We’re just back from our 3-week trip and I’ve caught up on all your posts I missed while we travelled. Happy belated 43rd to you! And, happy birthday to Pete, who will be eating the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen….Good on ya!

  19. grandad

    How many did poor old Pete get before the rest of the crocodiles scoffed the lot?

  20. Happy belated birthday, Pete. You’re a lucky man being so adored (though I’m sure you deserve it).

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