I Like Giraffes

It’s true. I really do.


I am not sure why, but they really appeal to me.


Perhaps it is the way they can be both awkward and graceful…


Giraffes feature in lots of my quilt designs. I love to draw them with long legs, long necks and floppy ears.


A giraffe found its way onto this cushion. As soon as I saw the orange and red checked fabric against the blue paisley I knew it was perfect for a giraffe.


So that is what it became – a checked giraffe on a bright blue cushion.

I like giraffes. I really do.

You can find this cushion for sale here on my website. Should you prefer to make your own you can find the pattern available for sale and download here.


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17 responses to “I Like Giraffes

  1. I like giraffes too – especially purple ones!!!!

  2. Oh lovely. He is very cute and you are very clever.

  3. I do adore that cushion. How clever you are.

  4. Can I assume you have ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’??? Even now many years after they have grown beyond those type of books my children will quote from it – ‘Giraffes can’t dance you silly fool. Og Gerald, Don’t be daft!’

  5. Oh, I love giraffes, too…I think it’s because I was always so tall and gangly growing up and I can relate to them!

  6. And the giraffes in Taronga Zoo in Sydney have the bestest view!

  7. Oh no – how dangerous for me if you keep selling things like this!

  8. It’s gorgeous Tracey, like all your work. That orange check on the purple paisley looks so good, of course it had to be a giraffe.

  9. Love it. Stunned at the little scripting on the side: “giraffe”… far too clever for me.

  10. I’ve only seen giraffes a couple times in my life ~ they don’t do so well in our climate! Last time, I think I ran past them following a group of strollers! How this brings back memories!

  11. At school, a group of my friends used to have this stupid thing where you’d ask someone “what sound does a giraffe make?” and when the person didn’t know you’d just silently open and close your mouth. Hilarious at the time, but I guess you had to be there. 🙂

    Now, everytime I see a giraffe I think about that.

    Your giraffe is too cute.

  12. sprucehillfarm

    Cute cushions! I love giraffs too, thier long necks and cute faces.

  13. Excellent pillow!!! I love it!

  14. I especially love ‘purple giraffes’ ….and all the other colours too.

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