This is your…


More work has been done on the swap quilt.

Applique has been added…


Borders have been adorned…


Not long to go now, Suse.


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34 responses to “This is your…

  1. Aunty Evil

    That looks nice.

    I can swap ya a basket of ironing and a chuppa chup?

  2. I would totally knit a shawl for a person who ironed the entire contents of my ironing basket and threw in a strawberries & cream chuppa chup.

    • oooooooooh. I read it that she was GIVING me a basket of ironing, but if Aunty Evil is offering to do MY ironing the deal is an easier one…

      • Aunty Evil

        Yes, I want to GIVE Tracey my ironing and a chuppa chup, she gives ME a magnificent quilt. The other way around, she would end up with nothing. That doesn’t seem fair.

        Good trade, I thought.

  3. Oh, dear, I’m going to have to google “chuppa chup”. I’ll try to work this one into my vocabulary somehow!

  4. I had to Google “Chuppa Chup” to figure out what it was. I’m a little sad now that we don’t have those in the States. At least I’ve never seen them.

    Regarding the quilt, it’s absolutely lovely! I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted to be able to quilt, but I don’t think I have the talent for it!

  5. I could do you up some boiled peanuts and a whiny four year old. Doesn’t that sound like a fair deal? No?

  6. Aunty Evil

    Sorry for totally taking over this with Chuppa Chups etc. But how come the US readers don’t know what a Chuppa Chup is? Wasn’t it Telly Savalas that made them famous in the first place?

    • Sorry for taking over your comments, Tracey! :o)

      Nope, I think Telly Savalas had Tootsie Roll Pops. They look a lot the same to me.

      As for things to trade with Tracey for a quilt, I finally thought of something! I have a crabby, messy, teething 10 1/2 month old and some cold french fries. How’s that??? No go? I tried!

  7. The Americans totally got the raw end of the deal wouldn’t you say? We got chuppa chups, they got BOILED PEANUTS (wtf?)

    Bless their souls.

  8. Your Spring Quilt Swap partner

    Hi there, I am your Spring Blooms quilt swap partner from Quilting Bloggers. I need to apologize for getting your quilt to you late. I had surgery in May and suffered some pretty severe complications. I hadn’t been able to go into my sewing room for 2 months!! I am back now and your quilt is going in the mail tomorrow. It is coming internationally so I hope you will have it in the next 2 weeks!

  9. Personally I think Starburst lollipops are about a million times better than Chuppa Chups.

    I could offer a designer edition wonky book cover for a swap, maybe some peppermint freddos would sweeten the deal?

    PS Suse’s quilt is luverly.

  10. We even have Chuppa Chups here in the Middle East. Aren’t they originally European?? I’m sure the US have them.

    Oooo I’d take up Stomper on her deal – Peppermint Freddos. Oh yum!!! How I could do with a bag of those about RIGHT NOW!!!

    Gorgeous quilt Tracey – *love* the tree. Awesome.

    I’m having a baby you know. *hint hint* Only kidding! *heehee*

  11. redslippers

    tracey, this is just beautiful. love it

  12. Aunty Evil

    Looking forward to your Chuppa Chup post Tracey!

    How exciting that your swap quilt is in the mail!

    You will be equally excited to know I have posted off a basket of washing for you to iron. You should get it soon. Ignore the undies, you don’t need to iron those unless you have time.

    I actually prefer Fruit Tingles to Chuppa Chups, Sherbies do it for me really well too, and as for Freddos, Strawberry please.

    Just in case anybody out there was looking to send me something…

  13. Beautiful as always!!

  14. Lummy! I didn’t look that good when I was 33! Many happy returns.

  15. Lovely quilt for Suse!

  16. Just love that quilt — lucky swap partner indeed!
    Sadly, no Chupa Chups in the US (which, I must say, does not do at all well in the lolly department), but by some wonderful serendipity last year, my daughter Lily and I found some in the minuscule duty-free kiosk on the ferry from Seattle to Victoria, BC. Chupa Chups packaged in giant Chupa Chups.
    We bought the lot!
    (There were two.)

  17. That white on white is to die for!!!! Very nice!

  18. Lovely , lovely quilt . What could I swap ? I know ! Some salty liquorice and a bag of chips with mayonnaise . Holland’s finest

  19. kt

    We had Chupa Chups in San Diego since Tijuana was just over the fence. That and interesting small plastic packets of salted plum viscous substance that looked like something you’d scrape off the bottom of your shoe rather than eat, but I have friends who loved it/them.

    Peppermint frogs sound rather tasty……

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