Such a Proud Mother…

Today my pride in my son knows no bounds.

Today he found a way to thrill my heart beyond its bounds.

Today he did something that I had only ever dreamed would be possible.






I kid you not.

He was neither asked, nor expected to vacuum. In setting up his newly repaired computer he noticed the desk was dusty so cleaned it thoroughly.

That’s not even the best bit…

When he had finished

he packed up the vacuum cleaner


put it away.

The smile has not left my face all day.


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43 responses to “Such a Proud Mother…

  1. This is the sort of thing that only ever happens to other people!!! wow!! x

  2. Lordy – I’m not sure my husband knows how to do that without prompting!

  3. Wow! That’s been known to happen, even around here. Makes a mother swell with pride!

  4. Oh my…I hope someday Jaxon will be like Pip! Right now he is only good a *making* the mess…

  5. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what he did to prompt that self-punishment? I hope you don’t find out!

  6. AND put it away. That is brilliant.

  7. Does this qualify for “miracle” status?

  8. Fabulous! I hope he makes you proud weekly!!!

  9. He deserves some kind of award, surely.

  10. Its obviously a result of superb parenting …..

  11. What a good boy. You have brought him up well. And now you have photographic evidence to prove to him that it can be done… again and again, one hopes.

  12. Very domesticated 😉 Look at how much that hair has grown again. So young and healthy!

  13. This is a momentous day! I don’t think my husband even knows how to work our vacuum cleaner. And he’s 32. Go Pip!

  14. Wow. I am speechless with admiration.
    That’s quite a young man you’ve raised.
    Mothers of daughters will be very happy to know young men like that do exist.

  15. pompomrouge

    Putting it away was the part that made my admiration swell to dangerous levels. Pip, I barely know what to say…um, Happy Birthday a little late, you Vacuuming Fool!

  16. I take my hat off to you for raising such an incredible boy! Please let me know your secret – (I have three boys)!

  17. Pat yourself on the back!! It must all be down to you, the Wonderful Mother!

  18. It doesn’t take much to gladden a mother’s heart, does it? See, he will be a survivor after all, Tracey>

  19. OMG! that is a miriacle! my 15 year old daughter does not even do that!

  20. And now you’ve punished him by broadcasting it to the world! Hmmm maybe his friends don’t read your blog?

  21. I, the mother of boys, admire him more and more every day.

  22. My Float

    Whoa, miracles CAN happen. I look forward to the day they happen around my place. Perhaps Pip can act as a role model to Master A??!!

    You must be so proud

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