On the Move…

alternatively titled: How to Make an Almighty Mess One Day Before Hosting the Ladies for a Night of Stitching…

This weekend my Pete bought a new TV. He has been angling for one for quite some time. Until now I had managed to distract him from the idea because I knew a new TV meant a new TV cabinet… and a new TV cabinet meant a shuffle of furniture…. and a shuffle of furniture meant that it would be even more obvious that WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!


In this way my Pete and I are a very bad combination. I don’t like to spend money and make big changes to the status quo. The old TV still works, why would we even need a new one? My Pete loves to buy new stuff, but hates to get rid of old stuff. SO… he not only wants to get a new TV, but he still wants to keep the old one. His idea is that it can just fit into the studio – where I work and where I sew.


A compromise was sought. I would agree to making a purchase and the old TV in the studio IF he would agree to getting rid of an old wall unit and his old drawing board. These are both currently in the studio.

Don’t think this was an easy compromise. We both had to think long and hard about it, but he has agreed to this. Although, now I think I should have made him sign something official because he is still attempting to cram the drawing board into one corner of the room. His puppy dog eyes are working on Ashy and she thinks I’m being horrible to him by asking him to get rid of it. He last used it in 1996.

It. has. to. go!


Right now we are mid-re-organisation. Stuff is everywhere. Stuff is bagged and ready for the rubbish dump. Stuff is piled and ready to give away. Stuff is on top of other stuff waiting for empty drawers to be wiped and re-filled.

OH – and the ladies are coming over for stitching in just over five hours… sigh.

I just wish it was already finished.


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23 responses to “On the Move…

  1. *heehee*

    We’re pretty good around these parts for chuckin’, sortin’, justifyin’, and purchasing.

    Good luck with getting that all done – looks like you have quite a bit to get through, and tell Pete to piff the board – 1996 was a long time ago. (But enjoy the new telly…

  2. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    let him keep his drawing board ya big meanie

  3. I would so love a room of this size to arrange!

    Good Luck with your stuff wrangle 😉

  4. Oh, husbands! At least you have a very cool red couch to decorate around….

  5. WOW – WOW – WOW – what a great sneaky peek at your studio – love it!!!!! Pete sounds cool – but he needs to ditch so you can stitch! Pretty clever hey!

  6. I just bought a new TV after months of nagging from No2 that the old one ‘wasn’t big enough for his PS3’. I relented. It meant having to clean an area that probably hasn’t been cleaned for, oh, 7 years… ewww! It’s disgusting underneath the tv!

  7. Men and their electronic lust. Rob kept an old high school track shirt that was so worn you could SEE through it. I got so sick of seeing it hanging in the closet…. never worn, just hanging there… pull the plug already! It’s cruel!

    • Pete wears a shirt that is at least 23 years old. It is full of holes and completely see-through, but he apparently loves it. (luckily he still loves me because I’m WAAAAAAY older than that…)

  8. Oh sorry Tracey but I’ve come over all sentimental about Pete’s Drawing Board too! It’ll be an heirloom like an old typewriter and he will put his grandchildren on his knee and get them to draw with him on it, while he explains about the Olden Days. Haven’t you got a shed for all the mancrap?

  9. He’s the one who studied physics, not me. So how come I understand and he doesn’t, or won’t, that if you bring something new into the house/closet/garage, something else has to go? Otherwise, there will eventually be a very unpleasant explosion……I bet Pete also studied physics….sigh.

  10. Aunty Evil

    Does he never go out? Just chuck it when he drives off!

    You know what they say “it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission”.

    I hear ya on the too much stuff comment anyway. We just moved.

    1 truck we had. 1 truck he said, we will fill it in an hour, unload in an hour, it will all be over really quickly.

    THREE truckloads later, 5 carloads and a van and 9 hours of loading, driving back and forwards and unloading, and yes indeed, it was over.

  11. M

    Look at all your quilting stuff!!

    I love a good clean out. Made a mint from a garage sale and eBay last year. Hubby, ‘though, is hopeless at letting things go too.

    I’m with Aunty Evil. Send him on a special.weekend.away.

  12. That drawing board looks like a handy place to store fabric? And would look nice in a different colour? you could make it yours ..

    • That’s the problem. It’s a vast horizontal surface, so I cover it with fabric, threads, papers, pencils. I never use it for its intended purpose, just as a place to plonk stuff down…

  13. Awesome shots of your studio!

    I don’t suppose Ashy would like a drawing board in her room?

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