Fifteen years…REALLY?

Tomorrow Pip, the ever grubby, will turn fifteen.



How on earth did that happen??? (the rapid passage of time, not the permanent ring of dirt left in the bath-tub)

Every day he finds new ways to make me proud.


(His school photo this year was taken before shave for a cure.)

One of the very nice benefits of keeping a blog over a number of years is watching his growth and change.


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26 responses to “Fifteen years…REALLY?

  1. hbfotografic

    Happy Birthday Pip!

    Happy Bithday Pip’s mummy 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to Pip, and happy birthing day memories to you. (Pain free ones)

  3. M

    Happy birthday Pip!

  4. Happy Birthday Pip!

    Love the pictures 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Pip! Lovely photos.

  6. Happy Birthday Pip! x

  7. He is a lovely young man. Happy Birthday Pip!

    P.S. He looks so much like you AND your Pete. Is he personality a mixture too?

  8. Happy Birthday Pip! You haven’t changed a bit!!!

  9. Happy birthday Pip and his mum. Enjoy him while you have him (as you do) because before you know it… sigh. (I mean he’ll go away to work in a distant town – nothing more sinister.)

    (I enjoyed your bottom comment. I must search out the picture of yours on the Champs Elysee.)

  10. Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  11. Happy birthday to Pip! We’ve gotten to watch him change, as well. He just gets cuter (I mean…more handsome) every year. And he has such a great personality (as told to us in your posts). What a guy! Must have something to do with his parents, eh?

  12. He’s so gorgeous – then and now. Give him a big smoochy aunt-ish kiss on the cheeks from me will you?

  13. Ginger

    Happy Birthday Pip!

  14. I have scraped in with a minute to go to wish Pip a very happy birthday.

    I do love our July birthday boys!

  15. Happy belated birthday, Pip! I have never noticed the days/years go by as much as when I have had children! Thank goodness we don’t count age by days or months anymore!

  16. Happy Birthday, Pip! And congratulations to you, Tracey! (my husband always congratulates family members when there is a birthday – evidently it’s a Dutch custom)

  17. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos of Pip. I hope he has a wonderful birthday – my eldest son will turn 16 early next month, so I really enjoyed your blog post. Time does fly by so quickly.

  18. Happy *belated* Birthday Pip. I hope the day was filled with lots of wonderful and happy memories for the whole family. Hip hip for Pip!

  19. What an adorable baby he was! He has an infectious smile as a young man, too.

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