Blooming Quilt

Sometime ago I signed up to the Spring Blooms Mini-Quilt Swap organised by the good people at Quilting Bloggers. (See the link in my sidebar there?- – – >) I was provided with the name of another quilting blogger and the rules ask me to make a quilt for her. This week is the deadline for finishing and posting.

Here’s my contribution:


Pretty soon it will be on its way across the sea to a foreign country. Can’t tell you where it is going just yet, but I hope it pleases its new owner…


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31 responses to “Blooming Quilt

  1. h&b

    Nice work missus!
    Very pretty, hope you get one equally as nice in return 😉

  2. I’m sure it will please it’s new owner – very pretty!

  3. Lovely. Really lovely.

    I wonder what yours will look like in return?

  4. Now if I were you I would address the package wrong so that it comes back to me!!!!!

    ……very very nice!!!

  5. Gorgeous! If the new owner is even HALF as pleased as I am with mine, then she will be very very pleased indeed!!

  6. I like Shelley’s idea!

  7. Wow, I will be happy to be your partner !
    Kiss from France

  8. It is a beautiful quilt. I love the hearts in the centre of the flowers.

  9. I think there’s about a 100% chance she’ll love it. Lucky person!

  10. wbotw39

    It’s really nice! I’d be happy to be on the receiving end.

  11. Your quilt is just darling! I’m sure the recipient will be most appreciative of your talent and creativity!

  12. That’s really lovely. Your work is always so clean and fresh, vry appealling.

  13. Gorgeous as ever Tracey.

  14. M

    Lovely Ms Tracey, Lovely

  15. Lovely, as always… I adore those lovebirds. ADORE.

  16. Aunty Evil

    Just beautiful! If it were coming in my direction, I would be very happy indeed!

  17. Incredible! Love the quilting.

  18. How could it not? It’s beautful Tracey! I’m also looking forward to seeing what you get in return!

  19. Very nice! Anyone would be happy to get that little gem.

  20. Gorgeous! What a lucky recipient she’ll be!

  21. What a treasure! Lucky swapper!

  22. Oh lovley!!!!! Wish I had signed up for this one now. 🙂

  23. Hey! How are you? I was sure when I pressed on my bloglines that I would see something from you! What cha doin’?

  24. I love it.
    It’s so pretty.

  25. Well, if she doesn’t want it, just send it my way…

  26. wow! it’s stunning! and i’m positive it will be loved. how could it not be???

  27. WOW! What a beauty!
    Lucky someone overseas!

  28. I am so so so happy!!! this mini quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! thank you thank you thank you!!

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