When, oh when, will Pip’s feet reach their full size?


Four  months into the soccer season and he has grown out of his practically new boots.


When he started having to stand up and stomp his foot into his boots, and when they started to rub his toes and heels until they were bright red I realised that something must be done. My initial solution to the weekly blisters was to put bandaids into his soccer bag.  (I am a good mother, you see…)

Eventually it became obvious that nothing more could be done.


So this morning my Pete took him to the sports shop to purchase bigger boots.


The others will be added to the growing pile of shoes that are too small.

Unless you want them…

Edited to add: Pip scored a goal in the first game he ever played in his new boots. Perhaps the too-tight boots had been holding him back all this time. Sigh…


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29 responses to “Unstoppable

  1. Hah, I so understand the frustration. And my trip has only just begun! (We call GB flipper feet)

  2. h&b

    Goodness he’s handsome .. I much prefer the new ‘do’.

    As for feet, well look at him ! He’s one of those eating, growing, strapping, sporting boy-things.

    Serves yourself right.

  3. Oh he is looking handsome!

  4. Di

    I don’t think they will ever stop. I’m still waiting for my 16 year old’s to cease growing…wouldn’t it be nice to get 2 seasons out of a pair of football boots?? Does that ever happen?

  5. OMG Ebay for Hardly used?

  6. I know – master 14 is exactly the same – he outgrows everything!

  7. About 17 to 18, if I remember correctly.
    And it’s so expensive keeping up with those feet and their shoes like canoes!

  8. Hmmmm… not sure he should be asllowed to play soccer – his leg appears broken in that second to last picture! 😉

  9. At least when my eldest outgrows his there are two younger brothers in line behind him.

    (Destined to always have the handmedowns …)

  10. I agree: great ‘do, Pip!

    My sister had the same problem with her son (who is now 6’5″). I have no idea what his shoe size has ended up being but I can only imagine huge. The alternative is to have feet too small for your adult-size and then you don’t have great balance! Maybe that’s why Pip has great soccer skills?

  11. Well, good for Pip..scoring a goal and all. The new shoes may have done the trick.

    Since we have four-legged children, I don’t know anything about the feet of growing boys; but, I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing, eh?

    He looks so handsome in these pictures. I’ve watched him change through the pictures on your posts…thanks for sharing.

  12. J.T.’s preschool year we went through 4 sizes of shoes! He was born with a long foot… barely fit on the card they put the little footprint on… good foundation and all that, you know.

    Do you feel a little bit guilty about the lack of goal scoring?

  13. Do you think there’s something in the chicken we eat??? Does he eat chicken????

  14. I’ve got a young soccer-playing bigfoot so I’m happy to take cast-offs for (later) Ron. Can we cut a deal? I could send up some Australia Post satchels….

    He looks fab with the haircut and the nifty tricks.

  15. Growing is better than the alternative, more expensive, but in every other way, better!

  16. When will his feet reach their full size? Probably moments after you buy what you hope will be the last pair of bigger boots!

  17. Giggle.

    What size are your Pete’s feet? That might be a pretty good indicator of how far Pip has to go.

  18. What HAVE you been feeding him? Gromore?

  19. So he will be tall then? And he has definitely bulked up.

    And the hair is gorgeous short (or growing out rather!)

    You and your Pete have bred some good looking kids!

  20. sprucehillfarm

    Sometimes it seems thier feet never stop growing! Glad to hear about the goal! Those new boots really worked!

  21. His hair grows quickly too!

  22. Ah feet … I want to know when my kids are going to grow into their feet – their shoes look like they belong in a circus!

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