The lovely Miss Ashy is working her way through her first ever block of university exams. She had a week of study leave – we call it swot vac, now she has five exams over the next two weeks. It’s a heavy duty time in any young person’s life.

As is expected of all students on swot vac she is inventing new and creative ways to spend her time between bouts of studying.

Her clothing is now impeccably organised. Her bookshelf has been dusted and organised alphabetically by author name, within that by series, within that by title. She has done loads of washing, hung it out and brought it in to fold and distribute.

BEST of all…


she has baked and baked. Cakes and cupcakes have been our reward for her hard work.

Pip can’t even take the time to smile for a photo…


because he’s too busy stuffing them into his mouth.


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22 responses to “Procrastination

  1. Ashy

    Well I’m pretty, I don’t know what he’s doing.

  2. Good luck with those exams Miss Ashy!

  3. That is what swot vac is all about. Glad to see nothing has changed since the years I was at university.

  4. Sending good luck for the exams. No fun while they’re happening but just think of the good times when they’re done!

  5. Best of luck to Ashy, I m sure she will do well. Will Pip study for a degree in food? 🙂

  6. Oh, my professor colleagues and I were just talking about hoe we do this just like the students. I make lists of things I have to do…as a way of putting off the things I have to do!

  7. Hmmm – memories – just hang in there!

  8. Way to go, Ashleigh! You have mastered the art of procrastination! Your future is bright! Good luck with exams!

    Tracy, I knew you were stocking up with new cooking accessories (the Creuset) for a reason!

  9. Hey, Ashleigh, I did exactly the same thing when studying (I use the term loosely) for finals at the University! I think it’s a universal thing…do everything until you absolutely HAVE to study..haha. Lovely pic of you and Pip!

  10. candiedfabrics

    Wow! Does she actually get any studying done? Wish my kids were this productive when studying! 😉

  11. I hope Ashleigh, gets on well with her exams – “Good Luck!” May questions you wish to answer be in your papers. Anyone who can organise her shelves that well is a winner with me – like minds; tidy minds; disciplined minds can still be creative!

  12. Ashy is obviously mentally organized and will ace her exams. How well I remember exams. So much studying, so little time. So much caffeine and junk food, so little time. The feeling of satisfaction for a good score.

    If I promise to wash the pans and clean up the kitchen, could I have a cupcake? Please?

  13. Good luck with the exams Ashy. Make sure all the swot notes are colour-coded with matching pencils before you go into any exam room.

  14. My husband and I often laugh about how we’d like The Princess to be doing HSC again. It’s time her room had a really good clean.

    Good luck Ashy, I hope you blow them away. Tell Pip if he tries really hard a cupcake won’t take him three bites, he can probably cram one in all at once… LOL

  15. My house was never cleaner than when I was doing a writing course and stories were due for submission.

    Nothing like a batch of cupcakes to make you feel productive! (Which is why I think there’ll be some here at the Frogdancer house. A cupcake as a reward for taking your Tamiflu!)

  16. Mmmmm. Yummers. Dulce de leche?

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