Tiny Babies

Our Household is very excited over some recent arrivals.

Step into the backyard to see our…


brand new beans. They were just flowers at the start of the week and look at them now!


Tiny Roma tomatoes soaking up warmth and goodness from the midday winter sun.


A baby capsicum which looks suspiciously like a chilli.



Just one snowpea which is practically fully grown and ready to pick. It will make one very, very small stir fry. By the time we each have a nibble it will be gone!

Just seven weeks since starting our vegetable patch we are beginning to see the fruits of our labours emerge.


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35 responses to “Tiny Babies

  1. h&b

    Our snow peas never, ever made it to the table when we were growing up. My sister and I used to come home from school and eat them right off the vine as an after-school snack.


    • I thought about eating it, but my Pete hasn’t seen it yet and he is co-parent. As difficult as it was, I decided to wait until he comes home to see it, then he can watch me eat it…

  2. I remember doing what H&B did too as a kid.

    Before you know it, you will have an abundance of fresh produce…

  3. I see some separation anxiety in your future. And maybe some other “issues” when it is time to eat the babies….

    Just sayin’….

  4. Yeah! Our plants go in the ground today!

  5. sprucehillfarm

    Ooooo! I do not have any beens yet! My peppers have babies and my cucumber, and I have LOTS of tomatos. I am so excited about eating them all!

  6. You’ve made me feel I ought to go and do some more in our garden instead of sitting here looking at yours! Lots of seedlings waiting to go in here …

  7. Ooh, your garden is so much fun. It’s way too hot here for veggies; I did have tomatoes in January one year. I may think about planting something in pots this fall…that might be fun. Or, I may just continue to enjoy watching your garden grow!

  8. Our veggies were planted a couple weeks ago and have broken ground! The flowers are all planted too but we are concerned each evening because there’s still risk of frost! What of climate change? We don’t usually have such cold early summers here!

  9. “very, very small stir fry”… Ha! Does your dig-free garden mean no weeds? Do weeds not grow there? I hate weeds almost as much as love our stalks of corn and our okra sprouts.

  10. Very cool! Well done … I just wish I would get off my butt and call the gardener to mow the lawn!

  11. We have one solo sprout as well. Today we cut into even portions and have a nibble each. Probably not even enough to taste ;P

  12. ooo, love snowpeas. I remember picking them with my Nanna and eating more on the spot than went into the bucket! 🙂

  13. Right. That’s it. I’m getting started on our patch this week. Those baby vegies look too delicious!

  14. M

    I’m so envious! My vegie garden is a complete disaster this winter. Sigh.

    • Your photos last year were a big part of the reason we went ahead with this. I actually looked around for a set up similar to yours until my Pete built our own version.

      not to make you feel bad or anything…

  15. I just picked the first of my green beans for our supper tonight – I do not have much in my garden as we travel too much to have a big garden but I do love my fresh veggies. Too much rain though in the beginning of May made my tomatoes slow, I only have one tiny Roma and 2 of another variety. Lots of blossoms though so maybe more will grow soon.

  16. COngratulations on the new arrivals..

    and one of life’s great pleasures must be gardening in a tropical climate!

  17. Hi, Tracey,
    Imagine being able to grow food in mid-winter! What a lovely climate you live in.

  18. Ooh, love the teeny-tiny stir-fry. It’s be so quick to cook too.

  19. SG is growing beans. It is giving him such a thrill, beyond any toy or game!

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