Look, Miss Caroline…

it’s purple.


Today I bought myself something lovely.

Something I have wanted for a long time.

It’s a big, beautiful, heavy cast-iron casserole pot and it is purple.


It will hold six litres and weighs 6.4 kilograms when it’s empty.

Tonight we’ll have beef casserole and dumplings, but I’m going to make sure there’s enough for my lunch tomorrow too…


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50 responses to “Look, Miss Caroline…

  1. Oooh – I want one too πŸ™‚

  2. I have one exactly the same except that it is red, and at this time of year I use it at least every second night.
    I had no idea that you could get them in purple – how lovely.

  3. Le Chasseur in PURPLE? Have I died and gone to heaven?

    I have a physical actual pain in my chest with WANT!!!!

  4. Bet that’s heavy! Beautiful though.

  5. They are the best for casseroles.

    And all the better for being purple.

  6. ooh Stomper will be purple with envy…
    That’s one heavy pot though….

  7. Gorgeous – I love Le Creuset which I guess is the equivalent over here.

    Just don’t overheat it … the enamelling on ours didn’t survive that at all.

  8. I have one of those pots in cream (same brand etc., so I know how much $ we are talking!) I got one for my birthday from the MIL a few years ago and use it ALL THE TIME. (From soups to stews and everything in between.) You will get your money out of one. I will buy a huge one (mine is like middle sized) one day when I am living in Melbourne and can freely visit The Chef’s Hat where they are considerably less expensive. (Good plug there.)

    I must say, the purple one is awesome!

  9. Lovely! I’ve been eyeing this in kiwi green!

  10. Oh ok I just left a comment over at facebook that stomper will be heading your way to pilfer it in the dead of night and then I come over here and see this.

    I have a blue one that I use several times a week. In fact I washed it this morning to remove the last traces of boeuf bourguignon. (I knew I could say the words boeuf bourguignon one more time this week!)

  11. I have the same one in grey which gets a lot of use. Purple (or aubergine, I’m tempted to call yours) is a bit more fun!

  12. Ooooo that’s NICE! So who is cooking? You or Ashleigh?

  13. Wow…and, purple, to boot! Lucky you!

  14. Belle, tellement belle! Ashleigh will enjoy using it!

  15. I love it! I had one, in blue, my roommate moved out and took it with her, and I haven’t heard from her since 😦 You have inspired me to get another one.

  16. It is beautiful!! I want, I want, I want.

  17. Yum … I think I might make a trip to the supermarket and join you for dinner!

  18. I’m late chiming in, but – awesome!

  19. Oh Pretty! I love the purple! How were the dumplings?

  20. ..and I thought the light blue ones were heavenly!!! Love it!!!

  21. After all that casserole lifting you will be the champion arm-wrestler of the family.

  22. If I ever buy one of those pots, it will be purple. You are the champion.

  23. M

    Oh seriously! Purple! Lust. You just can’t go wrong with those things. I need the 6.5kg one now that I’m making enough for two meals at a time.

  24. I so want a red one of these…

  25. oh, who am I kidding? I’d be happy with your purple one. πŸ˜›

  26. Oh Yes !!! Aubergine it is… This will be the year one finally follows me home…

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