More Haste

My delay in writng this post is an indication that YET AGAIN I was rushing to meet a deadline. Nothing would ever be finished were it not for the last minute. This is a mantra that keeps me going.

I was making a quilt for publication in a magazine. I was incredibly fortunate and was provided with some fabric to make this quilt. I really enjoy trying to bring as many fabrics as possible into a quilt. I love a scrappy look.

I also really enjoyed the challenge of not having an influence over the fabric that I received.

I’d love to show you the quilt…

but it’s a secret.

I’ll give you a little sneaky look


but you can’t tell anyone.




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25 responses to “More Haste

  1. Deadlines…. they got me through uni!!

  2. That’s funny… I work to that mantra too. Quilt looks more than okay – great combination of fabrics.

  3. Oh, your secret’s safe with me, I won’t tell a soul. That’s gorgeous, Tracey, just gorgeous.

  4. I’m with Sharon71. Deadlines are good. And you obviously work well with deadlines yourself. Would love to have a grand view when you can show us!

  5. Flipping heck between you and Duyvken I am just stunned by the beauty you are producing..

  6. I won’t tell anyone how absolutely beautiful and adorable your quilt is! Okay, well maybe I’ll tell just a few hundred folks…would that be alright? I love the bird! Thanks for giving us a ‘sneak peek’…when will we get to see the whole thing? Which magazine?

  7. Quilt? What quilt? I don’t see a top-secret quilt on your blog!

    P.S. That is gorgeous! Love the colors, the shapes, the bird.

  8. The bird is wonderful! I keep waiting to see bits and pieces of the “Molly goes to Paris” line! I haven’t seen it yet!

  9. h&b

    looks delicious, Tracey!

    Like Sharon & Melody .. sometimes a deadline is the only thing that works 🙂

  10. Look like it is going to be VERY VERY special!!!! Can’t wait to see!

  11. It’s got the 40’s feel, with those weeny flower prints – yum!

  12. aj

    That is so pretty, wish I could see the whole thing.

  13. I work best to deadlines too! Love the sneak peaks – such a cheerful looking design.

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