Driving with Pip

Me: Hey, there’s a swan on the water there.

Pip: No, it’s a duck next to a stick.


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9 responses to “Driving with Pip

  1. So…. which one of you was right? Any new glasses on the horizon?

  2. So you DO need an eye exam?

    Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on your part? Boys are more practical than us girls, you know. They see ducks, we see swans.

  3. Pip is a ‘pip’, isn’t he? Funny how we see things differently, eh? Okay, so sometimes it IS the need for new glasses; but, not always.

  4. Hey! I’ve worn glasses since grade 4! There’s no harm in glasses! Just get a hip pair!

  5. Bless Pip – he does make me laugh!

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