I would like to challenge the widely accepted notion that blue and green should never be seen…


and suggest that it should be seen everywhere.



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18 responses to “Disputed

  1. I would second your motion here. That is, in a word, divine! As always. Love the colors, patterns… so lovely.

  2. Ashy

    This is some quality posting.

  3. I agree! I also think pink and red are lovely together! Why do we let old adages influence us? Pretty pattern!

  4. Couldn’t agree more… bluebell woods spring to mind!

  5. I’ve never heard the bit on blue and green. Red and purple, red and pink yes, but blue and green never. Perhaps a cultural difference? I look forward to seeing a bigger view of the quilt!

  6. That “blue & green should never be seen” is one of the stupider colour rules – I break it as often as possible!

  7. I’ll second that notion (motion)!!!!!

  8. I’ve never heard of that rule! But then again…I like pink and red together! Guess I never “grew up”!

  9. Oh yes please!!! Blue & green shoud always be seen … didn’t our mothers & grandmothers ever look up and notice how a blue sky & leaves on trees complemenmt each other so beautifully??? Can’t argue with mother nature!!!!!

  10. And nor should anyone argue with your beautiful way with colours!

    So pretty – and I am going to use the bluebell argument too!

  11. Whatever works for you! I particularly like the Black Watch Tartan… blue & green.

  12. Weird, I thought it was pink and green should never be seen, except on the queen. Or something.

    Pink and green together can also be lovely, as can blue and green.

  13. My father used to follow this with
    “Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow,
    O Mother be quick
    I want to be sick
    and lay me down to die”.

    So we didn’t wear green and yellow combos at home.

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