Jojo’s Visit

Jojo came to see me for the afternoon yesterday.

“I bought shlowers for you Phrashey.” He announced as I opened the door.


As we ate our lunch he informed me that I could use my knife, but only older people can touch knives.

“Pippy can touch knife. I not touch knife, I not older. Ashy not touch knife too, Ashy too widdle to touch knife.”

He played drums while I sang:

Bee, bee, bumble bee. Can you sing your name to me?


We played a duplo game which involved a motor bike driving past animals sorted into groups; thee horses, three chickens, but only two cows.


Each time I reminded him not to put things into his mouth he asked:

“Why? It got germs?” (something to do with Yabba Gabba that those of us without three year olds are lucky enough to ignore…)

When he fell over we waited almost a full five minutes before he realised his leg was bleeding and immediately needed a bandaid.


So we watched Wiggles videos on youtube for a little while. Jojo was allowed to wear Pippy’s special headphones while Pippy was still at school.


As he left he told me, “You want to come to my house? You can come and play with me.”

Who could refuse an invitation like that?


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30 responses to “Jojo’s Visit

  1. No – one could refuse an invitation like that. Our Joe is JoeJoe!

  2. When is Ashy old enough to use a knife? It must be so aggravating to watch younger bro, Pip, use the knife and not Ashy.

  3. How gorgeous is that post, just special.

    Sorry to read your previous sad news, also. Sending you love.

  4. twolimeleaves

    He’s a heart-melter, that Jojo. And a Thinker.

  5. So, when is your play date?

  6. Mini Maestros? I recognise that song.

  7. Who could resist an offer like that!

  8. Yo Gabba Gabba. Even without a 3yo it is worth a watch, I adore it. It has fantastic songs about saying please and thankyou, and germs of course, but my absolute favourite is “Don’t bite your friends”

    Jojo is gorgeous and clearly well brought up if he knows to bring you flowers already. Long may that continue.

  9. Oh, he’s adorable! We don’t have YoGabbaGabba at home, no satellite TV – but the few times the littlies have watched it at my mum’s it seems pretty good. But not for grown ups!

    Bringing flowers at such a tender age – that bodes well.

  10. What an offer – you should take your very best toys and be wiling to share!!

  11. M

    Well I hope Ashy keeps away from those knives. She’s way to wittle, JoJo says.

  12. He is such a wee treasure!

  13. Looks like you guys had a lovely time! I can imagine that it would be very nice to play at your house! I call Joshua Joj 🙂

    We are going to see Yo Gabba Gabba in two weeks … I was once walking past when the kids were watching and found myself singing along to a song called “It’s bad to hit your friends” … some very good advice!

  14. It must be very difficult for Ashy to know that she is old enought to travel to Europe by herself but not old enough to use a knive yet. Never mind, she will be glad of that youthful complexion when she is older.

  15. Ashy probably shouldn’t handle knives if she has (eff it all I couldn’t remember how to spell possesses) the clumsy gene. Little JoJo is an excellent companion. Could he teach Abby?

  16. I’m home from Arkansas and catching up. I’m so very sorry about Percy. He’s in my thoughts.

    That Jojo is adorable! What a hoot spending time with him. Thanks for sharing the laughs.

  17. He is a little heartbreaker! How sweet he’d like you to come over!
    ~Emily xx

  18. I think JoeJoe had a really good time! He even brought flowers! I love how kids think if you are tall you are older. My kids always did not quite get that concept when they were little 🙂

  19. Very cute! So sorry about Percy, though

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