Makes me Happy.

On Friday night we had a girls’ night. My two sisters, Ashleigh and I. First out to dinner, then onto a nightclub to hear some live music.

Sounds so hip, doesn’t it? Well… really we went off to a nightclub that had couches and chairs. I just sat on my chair and stayed there, waiting for the concert to begin.

Of course we were asked for our identification as we went through the doors. Although, once Ashy had shown hers the security person said that it wasn’t necessary to see the others.

A hopeful young man approached the beautiful Miss Ashy to chat. She looked over her shoulder to point me out and told him, “I’m with my mother.” He shook her hand and withdrew from her company.

Why did we go out that night?

To see the very beautiful Josh Pyke.

It makes me happy…


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24 responses to “Makes me Happy.

  1. Di

    Sounds like a great night.

  2. Great song.

    Great night that I wish I could have been there for!

    I recognised so many places in that video since it seems to have shot around where I used to live.

  3. Sounds like my type of nightclub!

  4. She really wasn’t that in to him was she?

    Sounds so lovely, both the song and the evening.

    • Oh no! Not at all into him. We now have a code, so that I know to step in and be scarily motherly. I might say something like, “Darling, I didn’t know you had a new friend. I wonder how long it is since he washed behind his ears…” That should scare off those not considered keepers.

  5. grandma

    How rude of the security person. Manners should dictate checking all IDs. You know they wear their IQ number on their shirt, don’t you.

  6. LOL! The deflating effect of a little comment twice in one evening!

    I’ll have to remember the “I’m with my mother” excuse. I hope to develop a clone so that I can be at the elbow constantly of both K and N so the excuse is always readily available!

  7. “I’m with my mother”…haha…got his attention immediately, didn’t she? That’s too funny.

  8. You groover! I was out with my firstborn on Saturday night at a Comedy festival show, and just really enjoyed going out with my kid. Luckily no-one tried to pick him up though.

  9. Ha! When I go out with Iza, ‘she’s’ on the pick up as a single woman and I am the watcher outter. Funny.

    Your night sounds fabulous, I am envious of the concert.

  10. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    I’m still tired – I’m never going out past 9.30pm again

  11. I like the song and video reminds me a bit of Jackson Brown, in this video are lots of ideas for quilters…. to get sketching… look at the kites, the balloons and whoooo that guitar boat, that is so grand. Thankyou for posting this it has cheered my day up seeing colour, hearing happy music and your dog made me laugh helping you with those moon crater foot prints.

  12. I want to know why he didn’t want to see your ID … pig!!! Still you always make me laugh and you have to love that!

  13. So let me get this right…you are the Lovely Miss Ashy’s bouncer? You could be busy over the next few years because she is very, very Lovely.

  14. Yup, it’s a while since I was asked to prove I was over 21 too…

  15. M

    You know if that nightclub was really into providing excellent service they would’ve asked for your ID first and looked suitably shocked as you explained that you were Ashy’s mother.

    Sounds like a lovely night out.

  16. Oh, that’s a great line.

    And funny that they didn’t ask anyone else for ID!

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