Tiny drops of water and big doggy footprints…

Over the weekend my Pete and I moved three trailer loads of dirt from the front yard into the new vegetable patch.


My Pete did the shovelling and wheelbarrowing and I just smoothed the dirt out with a rake after he had put it into the garden bed. You can see by this photo that my work was quality assured afterwards.

We planted peas, beans and tomatoes…


lettuce, basil and strawberries.


It’s still hot through the day here, so by the afternoon all of the little seedlings look parched and droopy. I am enjoying walking out the back  to offer them a sprinkling of water from the hose each afternoon.

This afternoon something was not right. My smoothly raked garden bed looked like a moonscape pitted with craters.


See all of those holes amongst my lettuces!

“WHO DID THIS?” I asked in my biggest voice.

This face might have given me the answer…


He’s still sitting in his bed in disgrace.


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34 responses to “Tiny drops of water and big doggy footprints…

  1. So I take it, next weekend you’ll be putting a bit cage around your ‘patch’?

  2. Heh, they KNOW don’t they?

  3. twolimeleaves

    Ah, the Face of Guilt. We all know that one when we see it.

  4. Oh, that’s much more exciting than the deck I thought you were building. Fresh home grown veges and strawberries will be yummy. I get strawberries from my few covered plants for months and months( started with just 6 plants ).
    I also predict another bed may follow. Good luck with the LARGE pest problem!

  5. Well … you left the food out there!

  6. We had to add a small fence around our to keep my girl out of the dirt. She still tries to eat the tomatoes that hang over the sides!

  7. Awww!And I’ll bet she was thinking how thoughtful it was of you to turn over and smooth out all that cool dirt just for her!

  8. lol! I can just feel the indignation through the monitor.

    And well… he’ll keep the cats away.

  9. You mean you DIDN’T create that lovely patch of green, with wonderful scents, just for your pup? Well, that’s hard to believe…haha. She needs to get some of those feet thingys which look like some other species..bird, cow, whatever…then she could sneak through the garden bed undetected, eh?

    Fun post.

  10. He was just guarding the veggies. You should reward him.

    Yum, strawberries.

  11. His doggy face looks unrepenting…”Just wait till they turn their backs. I’m gonna get rid of those green triffid things before they know it.”

  12. Hehehe been there, done that with the vegie garden and my Milly leaves foot prints as big as your guilty looking dog. Time will cure it. It’s just the excitement off all that lovely dirt and the fact you have been playing in it that makes them want to check it out too. I have found (funnily enough) that those doggy paw prints make ideal collection spots for the water and seem to help the plants. Yeah I know weird – but it was that or spend hours trying to keep Milly out of the garden. Once the plants got bigger I found she left everything alone. Now I have more troubles with the blackbirds trying to dig everything up.

    Well done on all your hard work. Those vegies will taste fantastic cause you have done the work yourself.

  13. sprucehillfarm

    Oh No! That is bad. he does look very guilty!

  14. Hee hee! Here I was envious of the thought that you’ve got grown kids who won’t venture and bother plants in the garden! I forgot all about the dog!

  15. At least it wasn’t squirrels, they don’t listen at all. The squirrels in my neck of the woods move my veggies plants out of the way so they can bury their peanuts. I come home to find little plants, sad and dry, all over the deck 😦

  16. Look at that face. He’s surprised you are angry at him, he was just trying to aerate the soil. Sheesh.

  17. M

    Oh Oh, he looks like he is in the doghouse! He also looks like he is very very sorry.

  18. h&b


    dog shit.

    pass 🙂

  19. LOL. Looking good, though.

  20. at least he didn’t dig them out I guess…

  21. I have loved reading about your Superdirt garden.
    Perhaps now the dog has testdriven it he will leave it alone!

  22. If the face didn’t give you the answer the muddy foorprints might just have been a bit if a giveaway.

  23. Bad, bad dog.

    It would be good if people had tails, now wouldn’t it?

  24. What a great place to keep bones and smelly stuff that he might need some day in the future!

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