So there it is…


right down the back of our yard.

It will be our very own vegetable garden and we are terribly excited about it.

We live on quite a large block of land, almost a quarter acre. This yard was fabulous when the kids were little. They enjoyed soccer games, cricket matches and badminton tournaments aplenty on this wide expanse of grass. Now, however it is just sucking up water and needing regular mowing. It has been a long time since the kids were just out the back and running around.

It seemed like a very good time to start doing something more productive with the space.

My Pete and I had long discussions about whether the garden bed would be two planks of wood high or whether he would make two beds, but eventually we made just one bed. It is a 2.4 metre square. It is a very good start. It will not surprise me at all, though, if my Pete build another one beside it in a couple of weeks. He rarely does things by halves.

This weekend we will get a couple of trailer loads of soil to fill it, then be back to the hardware store to get seedlings.

I hope this rain we are having hangs around until the plants are in the soil.

Then again… I quite like the idea of standing out there with the hose.

PS those people who voted for a deck… what a great idea! That might be the next thing I have my Pete doing while I prance about looking busy.


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21 responses to “Homegrown

  1. twolimeleaves

    Can you please plant:
    broccoli, snow peas, kipfler potatoes, raspberry canes and a feijoa tree?
    Thank you.

  2. lol, I thought oh, they’ve got a sandpit! (aren’t their kids a little old for a sandpit?), but once I read your post I was pleased to discover it was a vege box! (Although if you did fancy a sandpit in your backyard I wouldn’t blame you, sifting sand can be very relaxing, that was one of my favourite spots when I was Kindergarten teaching)

  3. Oh, now you remind me. Must go out and buy my winter vegie plants.

    Well done, you’ll be enjoying the vegies of your labour in no time. Are you doing a no-dig fill?

  4. We love our backyard garden — in fact I would love another bed to grow in so tell Pete to go for it!

  5. Rob is *supposed* to be getting our garden spot ready. But it’s not. We keep arguing over how big it should be… he wants bigger, I want smaller… coz we know it will be ME doing the watering and weeding if we want fresh veggies this summer.

  6. I can’t believe how much your backyard looks like ours did in Idaho. We had garden boxes just like yours and they were wonderful! We planted lots of peas and strawberries and enjoyed them for so long! I think it’s one of the best ways to grow vegetables.

    When we tired of veg gardening, we planted oodles of flowers in them and had a colorful area..just so much fun!

    Good luck with getting Pete to build that deck.

  7. Now that is a big yard. Best of luck with the veggies. We just planted carrots this weekend but I forgot the slugs! Nevermind it’s early enough in the season to start again.

  8. A Peppermint Patch! I’m sure it’ll have a friend soon! Have fun with them. xxx

  9. Doh! I was voting for the big sand pit! I almost imagined Pip creating something out there similar to the intricate ice sculpture competitions you find here in winter. Perhaps if Petey builds a second one, it can be a sand pit? If it isn’t exotic enough, you could describe it as a Japanese harmony garden or something like that and have a rake nearby.

  10. I’d also like some kipfler potatoes please!!! And some yummy carrots … BUT no peas please!!!!

  11. How did I miss your new header? Nice! 🙂

  12. sprucehillfarm

    How wonderful! waht will you plant? You can grow things there in the fall and winter?

  13. How lush and green it all looks – and I would think that veges will grow like triffids up there…

  14. Don’t plant your broccoli close together unless you want teeny tiny ones. Take it from me.

  15. oh excellent! we’re still at the ‘football/rugby/everything gets flattened phase. I envy that.


  16. Can I suggest garlic?

    And watermelon later in the year? It should do well up there, surely!

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